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Feb 26, 2009 03:17 PM

Thai recommendations?

Looking for great Thai in lower Westchester...hartsdale, white plains, scarsdale, Ardsley etc. I recently tried Thai House, which apparently got a 22 in Zagat, but wasn't overly impressed. It was OK...

Any recs on other Thai places to try?

And if you happen to have any recommendations for tasty Chinese, Mexican, Italian in the area, throw them my way too! (obviously, just moved to the area)


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  1. Tomatillo in Dobbs Ferry makes wonderful burritos and such.

    Thai House is the only Thai place I know of. Their stuff is decent, but I too would like something better.

    1. Welcome to the area and CH!
      You may wish to use the search funtion to locate any threads on Chinese, Mexican et al.
      IIRC there should be several of them.
      Several threads with Thai in them.

      1. Well, I have not found really good Thai in the area (we live in Hartsdale) and we usually end up at Thai House actually. We have have on our list to try Tangerine Thai in Tuckahoe by the train station - it has received some positive notes on CH - let us know how it is if you go. I advise you stay away from Reka's in White Plains- I found the food to be almost flavorless.

        For Chinese we usually go to Central Seafood on Central Ave in Hartsdale (in the strip mall with Trader Joes and Best Buy) and we need to try Jade Garden that just opened down the road on Central Ave. Finally, for casual , inexpensive and take out Mexican, we like Mariachi Loco on Central Ave - its just has a few tables for eat in and I would not say its great but it is solid and satisfying. I believe there are better Mexican choices in White Plains but we have not done as much exploring as we should. We used to love Sunset Grille but have not tried its new incarnation at the golf club.

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          Just posted here about Tangerine Thai in Tuckahoe. My husband and I both really enjoyed it. Pleasantly surprised after some bad experiences with Thai in Westchester. We ate at Thai House once and it was pretty awful.