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Feb 26, 2009 03:02 PM

Veggies on a budget (college students) to Miami !! Recommendations ?

We toured SF in the summer eating at the places recommended by CHOWhounders and oh boy ! did we enjoy them at minimal hits to the pocket ! I did try and "give back" by posting recommendations and my own reviews of the places - so here I am trying it again.

What I mean by budget:
We are a bunch of college students on Spring Break - however with the flights and hotel the trip budget is almost hitting its limit. We need some recommendations as to which restaurants we can hit - without losing out on "local flavour" so as to speak. An occasional restaurant which shouldn't be missed out on but may be a bit pricey is also ok. We are there for 4 nights - so it should be enough time to sample a lot of places !

What I mean by veggies:
Well most of us eat vegetarian food (no meat) so as long as a place serves us something - it is going to be ok. For e.g. seafood restaurants never have any veggie options - however, you get "veggie sushi" in some Japanese restaurants. I don't know if this example is good enough but I hope I get my point across !

We are plannign on coming down next weekend - so all and any replies will be appreciated !!

Thanks !!

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  1. Would help to know what part of town you're going to be in and whether you have a car. I think what you're saying is you don't insist on eating at "vegetarian" restaurants so long as a restaurant has non-meat options available. Is that it?

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      That's right !! We are living at a hotel in Kendall and yes - plan to rent a car. We will also be going to Key West one of those days - so any restaurants along the way/at KW are also appreciated.


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        Actually, there are lot of possibilities. Ankarr is a Spanish place on Kendall around 92nd Ave where you can get some tortilla espanola varieties and empanadas in the Spanish style. It's a pleasant place for breakfast with good coffee. The Deli Lane is comfortable just off Sunset and US1, and though it is no culinary mecca, it is sunny outside and inexpensive. Across the street, Pizzeria Blu does a nice pie. Moon across from UM has reliable Thai, and passable Japanese in a nice room. Fox's on US1 is great late at night for drinks and finger food. Papichi on US 1 has pasta, and everyone has rice and beans which are cheap and plentiful (and sometimes vegetarian.) Last, on SW 106th the Trinidadian place west of 1 has potato and channa roti which is ridiculously cheap. In the next plaza, Pho Thang has Vietnamese food with lots of tofu. Some of these suggestions have all the charm of a hospital morgue, but the Sunset places are relatively aesthetic enough. Last, the French Bakery on SW 144th is cute and next to a bagel joint.

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          In Key West, you can get fairly inexpensive vegetarian food at The Cafe on Southard Street and Help Yourself on Flemming. The Waterfront Market would also be a good option--juice bar, deli with good veggie sandwiches, produce, etc.

      2. I am also a veg but live in Broward county. If you want to go north you MUST go to Sublime in Fort Lauderdale. It is a little on the nicer side, but a complete vegetarian/vegan menu and the food is delicious. You may also want to try this website for suggestion: Good luck!

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          Thank you all for your replies. I have checked out most of the places and they seem like fun !! I had someone recommend cuban food near the port of miami - is there a particular one that's good or I can just visit any ?



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            But you'll want to know that in Cuba, vegetarians eat pork. Seriously - if you are adamant about not eating animals, the black beans have pork, the red beans have pork, the plantain soup has pork and sometimes the green salad is - well, nevermind.

            Go to South Beach and eat at the Gourmet Carrot on West Avenue. Have the granola pancakes at Front Porch on Ocean Drive. Have a pizza and pasta at Fratelli la Bufala on Washington.



        2. What a fantastic trip !! We managed to go to Gourmet Carrot, iHop (because restaurants in Kendall close early :( :( :( ) , Blue Heaven & Willie T's in key West, Caribbean Delite Restaurant, Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant and Pizzeria Blu. These were all fantastic places - enjoyed them thoroughly. Thanks for all your help !!!

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            I'm afraid it's a little late but just want to post it in case you will be visiting again or that other veggies may be visiting Miami.

            the Trinidadian place on SW 106th west of US1 is definitely recommendable, cheap and delicious. However, last time I visited Pho Thang, the waitress told me they don't have any vegetarian dishes. As the broth is bee stock, they can't cook a vegetarian noodle, and she seemed unable to accomodate cooking a veg dish for me. I've been to other Viet places where they have a veg section on menu but not there.

            Highly recommended is Giardino's salad, with locations in Kendall, Coral Gables and South Beach.

            Almost any Indian or Thai places will have veg options available.

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              I found no Trinidadian place on 106th. It was on 160th. So is Pho Tang. Did I miss it or is it just a typo ? I went to SW 106th and it first took me to a residential complex, then i did an intersection for US-1 ans 106th on the GPS and it took me to a funeral home :D :D. Finally I tried 160th and it took me to Caribbean Delite. Thanks though - i will definitely be visiting Miami again !