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Feb 26, 2009 02:20 PM

Fine Dining?

I was in a shopping plaza on Mule Rd. in Toms River the other day and a restaurant there had their various menus posted outside. One menu was for "family style" service and the other was their "fine dining" menu.

The second appetizer on this fine dining menu...CHICKEN FINGERS.

Is it just me, or does this seem oddly out of place on a fine dining menu?

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  1. Please ask to have this moved to NAF. That's a riot!

    1. Shouldn't that have been 'Doigts de Poulet' on the 'fine dining' menu? I always order doigts de poulet when I'm looking for an elegant meal! Very funny!

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      1. re: mschow

        ROFLMAO!! This illustrates one of the pitfalls of translating from one language to another. I always thought 'chicken fingers' was pretty funny in English; it's absolutely hysterical when translated literally into French!

      2. Was it GIGI's to the Holiday City Diner?

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        1. re: Tapas52

          It was. I don't consider myself a food snob, but really!

          1. re: MartiniQueen

            Just look the HC Diner next door is packes always .......GiGi's is empty...that space has been so many restaurants that failed through the years they can't compete with diner prices & good specials...especially in a big Senior community.

            1. re: Tapas52

              You're right that none of the restaurants occupying that space have done well. The place before GiGi's was also empty, but I thought it was due to reports of flies that came as part of the buffet and salad bar.

            2. re: MartiniQueen

              It is difficult to have the true fine dining experience in TR, it is all relative! What they considered fine dining could be so average if you are in a city! I wish that there are more options in TR but with the huge senior community, I am content to see some new places providing different food are showing up!

              1. re: HelenB

                I agree Helen......there are a few really enjoyable places to dine in TR....but you can't expect top notch "FINE DINING" like you would in NYC.....but places like Bistro 44 are certainly trying & succeeding very nicely......& on the other hand sometimes some of the so called fine dining places fall flat compared to the tried & true neighborhood favorites so go figure?

          2. It's all a matter of semantics. Levels of dining can be ranked as such:

            Spectacular Dining
            Excellent Dining
            Great Dining
            Good Dining
            Fine Dining
            OK Dining
            Poor Dining

            By this criteria, chicken fingers would be just "Fine" :-)

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            1. re: equal_Mark

              Ahhh, but wouldn't it be interesting to have a creative chef create a "fine dining" (or better) chicken finger. I could see it crop up as a special at Drew's or Trinity, etc.

              1. re: MGZ

                MGZ, that is a great idea! I had chicken wings in a very upscale place in Hong Kong which were stuffed with shark fins and some unqiue asian mushrooms....

              2. I have no idea where Mules Rd. on Toms River is, but in my house, if I served a meal, and afterwards asked "How was it?" and they responded "fine" I would be disappointed. So "Fine Dining" doesn't ,mean much to me.