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If I wanted to induce a heart attack in a friend,

Where should I take them?

I was thinking a chili half smoke @ Ben's, but i'm sure there's something more calorically horrific than that.

- good
- artery hardening

Thanks in Advance,

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  1. Pork Bellley followed by Pig Neck BBQ at Honey pig with a finish of Pork Belly & baby octopus or large squid chul pan. For two, it will also induce a food coma from too much food for two people short of William Refrigerator Perry and his bigger, hubgrier brother to finish.

    1. Toasted Marshmallow or Milky Way Milkshakes at Good Stuff Eatery.

      Cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake. Sure, they're small... so you can eat more.

      Cheeseburger sub with everything at Mario's.

      1. Go to Chili's or Outback and get one of those awesome blossoms. I think they have close to 3,000 calories in the appetizer.

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          Slander! It's only "reported" to be 2200+ calories.


          Please! State the facts!

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            Nope, outside places have done nutritional testing on it and some have been around 3,000. It varies on how much breading/oil they use and the amount of sauce.

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            Or really any indian lunch buffet...you get a heart attack just looking at all the ghee the food is swimming in.

          2. Oh definitly Ben's, possibly followed by Five Guys. You're a really good friend :) hahaha

            1. Ray's Hellburger topped with foie gras.

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                Def hell burger with Foie Gras, get a side of mac and cheese too or something.

                If I didn't hate the taste of elevation burger, I would suggest going for the burger that you can get any number of patties you want, but I hate their burgers.

                But if you followed the 2,200 blooming onion with something else from Outback you could really probably push your one day caloric intake into what normal people are supposed to eat in a week.

              2. pretty sure the chili-cheese fries are worse than the half-smoke, calorically/cholesterol wise.

                my vote goes for marios:
                triple cheesesteak add mayo and bacon
                shrimp jammers (each 'jammer' is a piece of shrimp, stuffed in a piece of cheese, wrapped with jalapeno, breaded, and deep fried. amazing)

                1. I believe someone here mentioned you can get a jumbo steak and ham and egg and cheese and bacon sub (with extra bacon!) at Danny's in NE. And be sure to add a side of chili cheese fries with that. Oh the humanity...

                  1. doesn't some place in town serve Poutine?

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                      IIRC you had a Baltimore weekend recently -- too bad you didn't get your Poutine fix at Woodberry Kitchen!


                      1. re: bordeauxfan

                        there'll be a next time. I'm hooked on the town.

                      2. I actually heard Macaroni Grill has the most fattening/caloric food of any chain.