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Feb 26, 2009 01:48 PM

Steakhouse in NY - not Lugers

Any suggestions for best steakhouse in NY? Not Lugers though - don't want travel too far because I'm pregnant and literally due in a few days.

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  1. If you want the best Lugars like experience - Wolfgangs, but that may be rough at 9 months.

    Ben And Jacks gets kudos here too

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    1. re: msny98

      I agree with msny. For the Luger experience Wolfgang's, especially the one in tribeca. Wolfgang is there most nights, and he has the Luger German accent to go along with the vibe. They make the plates hot so you can cook the slices a little more if you like.
      Mark Joseph used to be up on my list but ive had a few not great experiences, same with Rothmann's Luger like as well but hit and miss. Ben and Jack's was good but not as good as Wolfgang. keene's i love but not a luger experience or even similarity,,the mutton chops i really like there. Palm I dont like, smith and wollensky stay away from , Uncle jack;s has good meat and it's a nice romantic place but they season the steak, that turns me off. Blair Perrone closed , they were luger like, they came from Mark Joseph i'm not sure what that place is now it was on 48th in old Ruth Chris. So Wolfgang is the closest thing I think to Luger.

    2. Try Keen's, Has dry aged prime beef, and not all Manhattan steakhouses are dry aged (like Luger) Plus Keen's has great old NY atmosphere. Try the porterhouse for (two)

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        the bar at keens alone is worth the price of admission (noisy, crowded with a stunning portrait of ms. keens behind the bar). best single-malt scotch selection in manhattan. porterhouse for 2 is outstanding. king cut (means big) of prime rib is wonderful. the mutton chop? give it a try. heck, even the dover sole has its fans (on my radar but i never seem to get to it). in short, keens has character and a lot more. it's old school - very old school. check out the history on the web.

        1. re: steve h.

          Just had the kings cut prime rib (rare, naturally) this week. About 2 inches thick and great. Finished off dinner with a nice Ardbeg

          1. re: ESNY

            cool. i'm taking my wife there this friday. keens is a comfortable pair of shoes.

            1. re: ESNY

              Ah man they do make a great prime rib. I just saw it on Anthony Bourdain and my mouth is watering. It is such a dilemma though because the porterhouse for two is so hard to pass up on!

          2. I vote Del Friscos

            After Luger's its my favorite steakhouse in the city.

            Although, Luger's really isn't that far, even if you are preggers! AND CONGRATS!

            1. Keens- Porterhouse or Prime Rib
              Strip House- Porter House, Prime Rib, or Ribeye for two (haven't had but sounds great)
              Old Homestead- Prime Rib or Gotham Rib Steak
              Craft- Porterhouse
              BLT Prime- Porterhouse
              Del Frisco's- Kobe Long Bone Ribeye
              Uncle Jack's- Fred Flinstone Ribeye
              Smith and Wollensky- Colorado Ribeye

              These are my usual recommendations for those who do not want to trek to Peter Luger. See my many reviews......on the board.