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Feb 26, 2009 01:43 PM

New Pita place on Fairfax??????

Just drove down Fairfax today. On the west side of the street, just north of Fairfax, I noticed a hand-lettered sign saying (I think) "Pita Bar and Grill", or something to that extent. Does anyone know anything about this place? (I got teary-eyed not fifteen seconds earier, when I passed Eat-A-Pita, and saw they had leveled it).

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  1. your description of the location has me perplexed...if it's *on* Fairfax, it can't also be "just north of Fairfax." did you mean Beverly? i'm trying to remember where Eat-A-Pita was...

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      From below, looks like this is a couple blocks south of Melrose, west side of the street.

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        Oops. North of Rosewood, on Fairfax. Sorry.

      2. i walked into this place a couple of weeks ago. It's where Schuler and Esther used to be. I loved that place but had only been maybe 5 times. they had this amazing beef potato soup. anyway... from what i remember this new place has kabobs, falafel, soups, etc.

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          never tried shoula and esther, i remember they made a great Cholent, possibly only on the weekends.

          1. Google turned up this mention:


            scroll down to read comments from a few people who have tried it.

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            1. i finally tried this place today for lunch and had a falafel pita fit for a king for $5 which included a drink (this months special). it was awesome. i would go back here in a heartbeat.

              1. I finally tried it. It's very close to me so I'll prob. return but not worth a drive. Food was fine, nothing outstanding. Soup was small for the price. The guy at the counter was a little awkward with my order, seemed to have a problem with me just wanting water. I asked for iced tea and he pointed to a glass door fridge next to the counter that had different soft drinks inside. nothing looked good to me so I said I'd just have water. "you want water?" Yes, just water. "Water?" yes. "You just want water?" Right, just water. "OK, I'll give you water". Kind of bothered me. I dont want to haggle over my drink.

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                1. re: rednyellow

                  Did he make you such a deal on that glass of water.

                  Maybe the guy just likes saying the word water

                  Or maybe he has a hearing problem...come on ...give the guy the benefit of the doubt,haha

                  1. re: bophisto

                    I don't think he had any particular affinity for saying the word water and he did not appear to be at all hearing impaired. I think it was a culture clash, a mid eastern propensity to haggle, to make me a deal, which I do not share.