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Feb 26, 2009 12:37 PM

Chowhound Black bean Cake recipe help needed

I made these cakes and thought this was a great and easy recipe once one removed most of the salt. I was thinking it would be something great to pass on to an ital vegetarian. I would like to know if you take out the egg what could you use to bind the cakes together.

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  1. I'm not entirely sure the recipe needs the eggs as a binder - it already has the flour, oil and beans. Make it, and if it needs sometime more to hold it together add either more oil or flour (depending if it's too wet or too dry). Alternately, some yogurt (if they eat dairy) or ground nuts/seeds (eg walnut, tahini, peanut) will get the cakes to stay together but will also alter the flavor.

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      Not sure that would work as the oil is for frying and there is no flour mixed in, the cornmeal is used to dust the outside to give a wonderful crunchy exterior. I am going to try it without the egg to see how it works out though.

      1. re: kayEx

        I saw the corn meal and overlooked where all the oil went (I 'assumed" it went in both places - very bad one me). Definitely add some oil and it will all go together since it will bind with the flour!