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Feb 26, 2009 12:34 PM

Visiting Sanibel/Siesta/St. Pete....recs and comments?

Hi there gulf coast Florida Hounds! We are coming down from grey, cold Boston for a week of sunshine, relaxation and, of course, good chow. We are fish eating vegetarians and prefer healthier food. We don't want too many very expensive places...we love "little joints" with great food. Here are some spots I've scoped off the boards. I'd love comments and other suggestions.

Sanibel/Ft. Myers:
Sweet Melissa's
Mad Take Out (Spelt pizza!!)
Lighthouse Cafe
Island Cow

Siesta Key/Sarasota:
Captain Brian's
Broken Egg (WW French toast..yumm!)
Dry Dock Grill
Star Fish company
Creek Seafood
Simon's coffeehouse (vegetarian fare?)

St. Pete/Clearwater:
Crab Shack
Leafy Greens Cafe
Central Cafe and Organics
Tio Pepe's
Mid-Penisula Seafood
Lenny's (better breakfast spot?)

So that's my starting I need hounds to point me in the right direction!

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  1. We had a very good meal at Doc Ford's in Sanibel, and that was really the only food of the trip worth mentioning! It's not so much a "little joint," but those are pretty much nonexistent in Sanibel/Captiva. They also have an excellent rum bar if you are so inclined!

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      I second that motion--Doc Ford's has the most addictive shrimp in Florida. Get the red sauce Columbian 1/2 lb appetiser, great crusty bread to soak up the sauce and an icy rum cocktail and you have a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Best restaurant on Sanibel Island.

    2. I've heard the fish at Lazy Flamingo is really good. There are 2 locations on Sanibel.

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        I was not crazy about Doc Fords at all. In fact, it was a total dissapointment. However, we had a great breakfasts at Lighthouse and Island Cow and a great dinner at Lazy Flamingo's. Have a great time.

      2. Thanks for the responses! Keep 'em coming........


        1. Several of your St. Pete recs are not near St. Pete. Lenny's, Tio Pepe's, and Keegan's are all Clearwater locations - which can be up to 45 minutes away depending on where in St. Pete you are. Are you staying in one location and driving to the three locations, or are you hopping around?

          I live in between Clearwater and St. Pete, and I found this board posting very helpful in finding new places to enjoy.

          In St. Pete, I love Hook's Sushi and Thai. I make that same 45 minute drive just to get
          their rolls.

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          1. re: TampaAurora

            We are staying close to Clearwater, which is why I chose those spots as starting points. Thanks for the link....I did see it and checked out a few of those recs. Since many were "meat based", or far from Clearwater area,I thought I'd still ask for recs. We really aren't interested in having any ethnic foods, as we get a great selection of those here in Boston.

          2. In St. Pete, Ceviche is a great tapas bar near the water downtown and Keegan's isn't in St. Pete per se, but is wonderful all the same--don't miss the octopus/garlic appetiser.