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Feb 26, 2009 11:45 AM

Questions about Supersol

I live in Connecticut and every other month I make a trip to the Five Towns for my Kosher meat..
I usually compare specials at Gourmet Glatt and Brach's, but this time I threw Supersol into the mix.
I was quite disappointed to discover that most of the specials were "out". I did purchase a family pack of chicken cutlets at the amazing price of $2.99 lb. I was absolutely shocked when I unwrapped the package and discovered just 2 whole breasts weighing a total of 6 pounds. I did call Supersol, I had never seen such large chickens, and the person in the meat department told me that was why they were on sale.
Is this typical of Supersol's practices?

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  1. All does not have to be lost. Grind it up and you have ground chicken at the amazing price of $2.99/lb.

    I have bought some nice specials at Supersol. Like chicken breasts, family pack, for excellent prices. What I like is that some of their family packs are not too large, like chicken breasts would be 4 to a package, so I can put them straight to the freezer. In fact I just took one out this morning to make for shabbos. I also took out a package of turkey drumsticks that I bought for $.99/lb, beautifully packed directly from Aarons.

    Family packs of chicken cutlets tend to be odd sizes, which is why they are priced reasonably, although I have not had them at 3lbs a breast.

    1. 3lbs/each breast sounds like the chicken was on the larger size. But you can always cut it up and use it as chicken fingers or nuggets or strips for a stirfry.