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Feb 26, 2009 11:20 AM

Bars and Beers in Tucson

I'm going to be out in Tucson from DC visiting my folks. I'm unfamiliar with Tucson I am wondering if there are any bars with a particularly good beer selection or perhaps some live music venues that I can check out in the evening hours. I'm well above college age, but I am open to places that might be on the campus. Prefer a dive to a "hot club."

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  1. Hotel Congress. Great bar(s). Lobby is the better of the two re drinks (best Bloody Mary's ever on Sunday mornings), but the old cowboy bar, The Tap Room, is wonderfully atmospheric and more divey. The club has very good, eclectic music programming including some national acts (we saw Stan Ridgway there last April).

    Right across the street from the Congress, in the old rail station, is Maynard's Kitchen which also has a great cocktail and beer menu. Good thin crust pizzas too.

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      Thanks Joan!! I checked out the website and it looked great. I also found a few more places by virtue of checking out the website, enough to last me the week. Will definitely check out Maynard's too as I saw it mentioned in a few other posts. Thanks!!

    2. Nimbus brewery on E. 44th st. off of Palo Verde, kind of hard to find but worth it, nothing fancy but not a dive. Try a pint of the "Dirty Guera". Great burgers and bar food. They also sell some neat T-Shirts that will draw some looks during those muggy DC summers. They have a website.

      1. Surprisingly, Old Chicago still has the best selection of beers on tap in Tucson. Yeah, it's a chain, but the sheer variety is absolutely incredible.

        1. I would suggest one of the breweries. Nimbus does a pretty good job, as does Gentle Ben's on campus. (They also have another location a mile away, but it's the same beer.)