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Feb 26, 2009 10:49 AM

30th Birthday Group Dinner - Korean Food

I'm getting a group together for my boyfriend's 30th birthday (approx 15 people) and would love to go to dinner at a Korean restaurant. We're big fans of Dong Il Jang when it's just the two of us, but have never been in a group. Have also heard good things about ChoSan Galbee, but never been.

Would love recommendations on where you think is the best for a party our size. Does anyone accommodate groups that large, seated on the floor?


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  1. I just threw a party for 25 at Chosun Galbee. We got a private room, located between the patio and the dining room, that had two long tables with two grills each. Food was great as always, but service was really lacking that night as compared to other nights I've been. Still, everyone had a great time and I'd go back for group parties.

    1. Haven't been in a while, so you might want to do a test run first, but Yong Su San ( ) might be an interesting choice. It's all private rooms, with a variety of fixed banquet menus. Not bbq, but (at least the last time I went) it was very good and very interesting. (Notwithstanding the unfortunate typo on the top of the Los Angeles menu page.


      Yong Su San Restaurant
      950 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

      1. Dong Il Jang can definitely accomodate a large group for you. No problem. Just call them and set it up. If you have a Korean speaking friend, that may also help you there.

        IMO, the food at Dong Il Jang is FAR superior to the food at Chosun Galbi. Most native Koreans (like me) find Dong Il Jang to be the 'real deal' whereas Chosun Galbi, while a good place - don't get me wrong - is more attuned to a western palate. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to note.

        1. Park's BBQ has a private space upstairs large enough to hold your party -- and one bite of the prime kalbi or Tokyo X pork and you'll be hooked.

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            I have to second Park's. Had a party w girlfriends there, and everyone (many first timers) thought the food and place were great. Many banchans and excellent meat. Kobe beef (#1) is melt in your mouth delish.