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Feb 26, 2009 09:46 AM

Arepas in Trenton?

Ok, I've heard about arepas for years. I had some at one of the festivals in Mercer County Park, but they were... well, pretty nasty. But I like the corn cake concept, and I'm not likely to get up to Trinity anytime soon (although that recent review posted by MGZ makes it really really tempting). So I am figuring with all the new Latin American places that cropped up in Trenton in the last decade there must be at least one that is Colombian. Any suggestions? Surrounding area would be acceptable too....

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  1. I can't offer you a suggested place for them, but I did notice arepas in the very large refrigerated case at the Supremo Supermarket in Pennsauken. They had more than one brand of them. I really only noticed them because I was reaching in for some fresh corn tortillas. Supremo Shop N Bag has a very large selection of hispanic items, in case you ever want to make a road trip. It's right on Route 130, just off the Admiral Wilson Blvd.

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      Hi mschow. I think I may end up going with the store-bought ones. But I'm holding out hope I can find homemade ones at least somewhere in Mercer county....

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        Good luck with that! I do know of one restaurant in Philly that friends have said is excellent and I know arepas are on the menu. It's on Spring Garden Street, so parking is fairly easy there. Also, I thought there might be a place in Riverside, NJ, that served arepas. Riverside is in Burlington Co, so not too far away. Maybe check that out as well.

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          Oooh. Maybe I will take the River Line on down.

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          From the last time I ate at Trentini's in the Roebling Market I don't recall whether they have arepas on their South American menu, but it is a reasonable bet and worth a phone call.

      2. Hey! I recently asked a very similar question

        I tried El Familiar in Toms River and the arepas were nothing like what I had at Caracas in NYC.. but lots of folks here on the board like em.. maybe you will too!

        And please let us know if you find a good place! :)

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          One time as i was dinning in El Familiar which we always love...there was a Latino couple eating at the next table....the husband looked so happy as he ate his meal & my wife asked "you look like your really enjoying that"? he said that he misses this kind of food so much since leaving his country and that this was authentic & as close to his home town in Colombia .........he was eating the Colombian House specialty Carne Helgado w/ Arepa .....after that I always order it when we go. YUMMY