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Feb 26, 2009 09:28 AM

30th Birthday dinner spot in Nashville/Franklin TN

My husband's 30th birthday is in June and he wants to have a group dinner with say 8-12 people. Some of our more favorite spots have closed in recent months due to the economy. I want it to be nice but not ridiculously expensive. Prefer a place where there will not be a bunch of children running around, good bar, and some a good atmosphere. Suggestions?????

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  1. For Franklin, probably the only places that makes the grade in terms atmosphere/bar/lack of kids would be Red Pony and maybe its sister restaurant, Sol. I've noticed both have slightly brought down their average entree price in the last few months. I would pick Red Pony over Sol as it is a more mainstream fine dining/new southern menu. Wine selection is pretty good and the bar turns out some nice cocktails.

    Wait a minute! I always seem to forget that Saffire exists, which is a shame as the food is quite good and the bar/atmosphere works pretty well. Entree prices are all over the map from the teens to the 30s, but the cooking is good, not quite a formal feeling as Red Pony, but I like the food here more. Cocktails are on par, if not better than the Red Pony, wine list is good.

    Boxwood Bistro also might make the cut, but only serves beer and wine as I recall. Personally, while I like the food quite a lot, I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday here as the atmosphere is a little too light and airy.

    Another option would be the newly opened 108 Grille in Franklin. The menu is interesting and they are still finding their identity. I'd check again in May to see how things have progressed. It veers a bit too much into Sports Bar for me with TVs in most rooms. I wouldn't recommend this as is, but the place does have potential and is still finding its stride.

    It's only been 4 years since my 30th, and if I was going to celebrate in Franklin it would have been at either Red Pony or Saffire. Of those two, you won't go wrong. Check the menus and scope them out since you've got plenty of time.

    Now if you bring Nashville into the mix, the field widens enormously. If you want to post which spots you liked in Nashville that have closed that might help us zero in on a couple of good recommendations!

    230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37067

    SOL Restaurant
    403 Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

    Red Pony
    408 Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

    108 Grille
    108 Bridge St, Franklin, TN

    Boxwood Bistro
    230 Franklin Road, Franklin, TN 37064

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      We had my most recent B-day at Red Pony.
      1st reserve the upstairs room if your party is larger than 8. We had to turn away guests because the management couldn't seat two more people anywhere in the restaurant.
      2nd The food was excellent
      3rd the staff did a great job for those of us who were able to be seated.

    2. Hey name is Eric Finch. I'm the General Manager at SOL Restaurant. We would love the opportunity to host your party. Birthdays and other celebrations for groups are our specialty.

      Our cuisine is a modern and upscale twist on Mexican/Southwestern cuisine. Feel free to check us out online at You can download our menus and get a sense for our space and price point. You are welcome to call me directly at 615-538-6021 if you would like and we can discuss arrangements and options.

      The other places mentioned, including our sister restaurant Red Pony, would also be great choices -- downtown Franklin is a great place to eat and hang out. If I can be of service to you, please let me know. Thanks, and good luck with your planning!!

      1. If you're thinking Franklin, I'll add my vote to Red Pony. As another poster said, if you're leaning towards Nashville, that widens the field ... I think PM might be a fun place for a party (and varied food choices) but I don't know if they do that sort of thing.

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          I'm a huge fan of PM, but if you're having more than 6 people I wouldn't try it. They are huge sticklers about party size (unless something has changed or Arnold isn't there, they won't seat parties more than 6 especially at night.) They also charge $3/person cake cutting fee (that includes bringing in cupcakes.) Great food and neighorbood place but don't plan your next bday party there, unless it's a party of 4 :-)