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Feb 26, 2009 09:27 AM

Easter Brunch, UES?

Hi all,

Im going to have family in town for easter this year and were looking for a nice brunch place. Problem is, all my favorite spots are downtown and for scheduling reasons, we'd like to stay on or near the UES (ie, midtown east or lower uws also ok, im at 66th and york). There will be 7 of us, and were looking for something upscale, yet not bust-the bank expensive (~65$pp or less?).

Thanks so much for the help!!

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  1. First place that popped in my mind is Bistro Chat Noir, located on 66th btw 5th and Madison (not too far from your place!). French fare served in a lovely, warm and sophisticated space:

    1. I had Easter Bruch and David Burke & Donattella a couple of years ago and it was lovely. Both food and service were very good and the pre-fix was very reasonable priced (around $50. if I recall correctly). The menu had a good number of choices and was not limited to only brunch foods.

      1. Check whether Cibo (41st & 2nd) is doing an Easter Brunch. They've been very good for other holiday specials. You might also like La Mangeoire (2nd & 53rd). Either of these should be within your price range out-the-door.