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Feb 26, 2009 09:26 AM

Best Fried Chicken in Portland?

My daughter and I are looking to have the best fried chicken meal possible. Price and location are no object, as we're willing to drive anywhere within PDX area. Unless I'm convinced otherwise from fellow chowhounders, we'll be going to the Screen Door on E Burnside. Thanks!

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  1. I'm sure there might be better, but, even though it's a chain and the ambience sux, Popeye's is really, really good. The red beans and rice are good. Skip the biscuits, but that chicken is good, and this comes from a chain-hating southerner whose mother made GREAT chicken. Then head to the Country Cat on Stark near 82nd, pay 2-3 times as much, and see which is better....

    1. Delta Cafe on Woodstock in the 40's!

      1. Simpatica serves great fried chicken at their brunch (w/waffles) on Sat. and Sun. I have not had it at either Country Cat or Kenny & Zuke's but have heard good things about both.

        Screen Door is also supposed to have good FC too, let us know after you go!

        1. Well, we did go to the Screen Door and everything was fantastic. This place is amazing. The crawfish cakes, scallops, pork chop, rutabega and greens, and of course the fried chicken, were all top notch. Spices and buttermilk taste were flavorful, but not overbearing. Crust was perfect.

          We got there at around 8:00 on a Friday night and still had to wait 30 minutes. So much for a slow economy! And it was worth it - especially for the leftovers the next day.

          Thanks everyone for the recs - even for Popeye's. Really appreciate that one, although in that neighborhood, it's hard for me to resist Fire on the Mountain wings or the taco truck at Killingsworth and Interstate.

          If anyone has other positive fried chicken experiences, please post them here!

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            I'd have to agree that Screen Door has fantastic FC. Best in town I've tried so far...

          2. i've heard that the fried chicken at pine state biscuits is very good, but they are only open for lunch and dinner. anyone can back this up (the quality, not the hours)?

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            1. re: goodbyeohio

              you're close. its breakfast and lunch. 7-2, tues.-sun.

              btw, it is good, but you cant(atleast I dont think) get just fried chicken there. It is considered a meat, and gets added to dishes(like the namesake biscuits). again, its worth the trip....

              1. re: nkeane

                The fried chicken at Pine State is AMAZING!! Here's the dreamy breakfast they serve with it:
                biscuit (yum) with fried chicken, gravy, bacon, egg and cheese. Add hashbrowns (perhaps Portland's best). Yikes, that's good.

                1. re: nkeane

                  Actually, one of the locations is now open late night, too! We went for a biscuits and gravy dinner a few weeks ago. Mmmmm.

                2. re: goodbyeohio

                  I prefer the fried chicken at Country Cat to that of Pine State.

                  But if I'm being really honest, my favorite fried chicken is the karaage at Yuzu :P

                  1. re: SauceSupreme

                    Went to Country Cat tonight, had the $18!!!!!! fried chicken. It was awful. Just this side of chicken fingers, it was white meat pulled from the bone and fried until dry. No flavor in the meat, nor the breading. Fried chicken served with no bones=chicken fingers in my opinion. Did I say $18? I've had fried chicken at some of the best places in Memphis, Oakland, the Carolinas, New Orleans (several, including Chez Helene, the model for the joint in the TV series Frank's Place) and 18 years of my mother's, and she was a great cook. I called a couple of Texas-raised friends, including one who has lived in Oregon for 25 years, and they both laughed HARD when I told them the price of the meal. I'll stick with my Popeye's recommendation...with a quart of beer from a convenience store, I could eat far better than the Country Cat for about 7-8 bucks. Let's see, dry chicken, a biscuit (which was decent), some really quite good collard greens (though the bacon is a bit too sweet) for $18!!!??? And who would, in their right mind, serve crisp fried chicken on top of a soupy mess of collards? That's a recipe for soggy chicken. Don't they believe in plates? I'm used to such collards served in a small side dish. Duhhhhh. And, have never, I think, been offered fried chicken like this without mashed potatoes. Cream gravy, thank you. (ok Popeye's might be the exception...fries or red beans and rice.) My companion had steelhead served with clams. She said the fish was ok, but the clams were dry and not very good. We ate mediocre food, total check with drinks was $52. And they didn't even ask me to bend over. Oh, but what do I know??? I am not particular, just picky, my judgement of chicken (paraphrasing the god of a portland food board) is based, not on knowledge of chicken, or flavor, but on my recollection of something I had in the past, maybe my mother, those dinners in Memphis, New Orleans (both cities I've lived in) or my mother's. Unlike the gifted ones like him who are just born with an innate knowledge of taste and culinary aesthetic, I suppose!!!! I will never go back to CC. Popeye's is right around the corner!!!

                    1. re: sambamaster

                      Screen Door is great, but I'm surprised nobody mentioned Friar Tucks up in Multnomah viliage. The best I've had in town...