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Feb 26, 2009 09:12 AM

NoVa--birthday cakes for delivery to McLean?

On Monday, my mother turns 80. She lives in McLean. We don't.

We would like to have a birthday cake delivered to her at home. Having not lived in DC area for over 20 years [yeagads! thats a LONNNNNGGGG time], I have no idea of where or who to call.

Any suggestions on places around McLean that would deliver a birthday cake?

Note: I'm NOT interested in the fanciest costliest trendiest cake as she is decidedly NOT a hound and won't appreciate anything super fancy trendy etc plus she will likely find something wrong with whatever shows up anyhow---just tasty with delivery.


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  1. it may be too late to order for monday delivery, but try the heidelberg pastry shoppe in n. arlington
    they delivered our wedding cake, but maybe they don't deliver just regular size cakes. but....i'd argue that "money talks." ;-).

    our cake was an almond buttercream-filled white cake, with marzipan coating. so delicious.

    you might try pastries by randolph, also n. arlington, if you want:

    i would also call amphora bakery, their cheesecake i had recently was out of this world!
    i think i read on a website that i just googled (decidio ) that they deliver. note the weblink through decidio site is for the herndon location. the vienna location would be closer.
    and happy birthday to your mom! ;-).

    1. Follow-up.

      thanks to alkapal for the suggestions. Neither Hiedelberg or Randolph delivered so I tried to go with Amphora, god I tried so very hard.

      First I called the Vienna shop and they were very nice but they said I had to call the other shop because that handled all the deliveries and they couldn't take my order or tell me much about deliveries other than a rough estimate of cost.

      I called the other shop THREE TIMES. Goal was to find out possible delivery times and place an order. I left a message--no one called me back. I called again and said I wanted to place an order for a cheesecake but needed to know possible delivery times. I was told to call back. I called a third time, repeated that I was trying to order a cheesecake, was put on hold and waited and waited. Finally the hold gets picked up but the person has no idea why I am waiting or the answer to the question. They do volunteer to take a message and, godhelpme, call me back.

      At this point I gave up. I have to say I would think 15 times before ordering anything to be delivered by them and in the end, I think I would just send a card. I can get that a place can be busy but my calls took place over the course of 3 days and they were often just plain rude.

      I did find a place in Half Moon Bay called elegant cheesecake
      that would fedex a cheese cake to Northern VA but they couldn't do it for Monday---they only do overnight to arrive on Tuesday. In the end, I gave up and did nothing because the targetted birthday girl is one of those people who believe it doesn't count unless it arrives EXACTLY on the birthday and then she decided not to be home for Sunday to Wednesday --in and out of the house--and I was reticient to leave a $100's worth of cheese cake sitting on the doorstep.

      Anyrate, thats my experience with Amphora and thanks for the suggestions.

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      1. re: jenn

        good gracious, what horrible customer "service." thanks for reporting on your experience. how frustrating for you! i am very disappointed in amphora's conduct. i had no idea that they were so dysfunctional, as i'd only *eaten* their cheesecake -- not ordered (or *tried to order*) the cheesecake. i'm sorry it didn't work out! if you hadn't already expended so much time, i'd suggest writing to management.... but that is in the normal world. here, it seems like it would be doubly frustrating and a big old waste of time. (you know what, though, you could maybe post a "review" on that decidio link i mentioned. that should get their bone-headed attention!).

        did heidelberg and randolph not deliver because that is only for large orders like wedding cakes?

        frankly, i'm surprised by the lack of other posters with ideas on who does local deliveries of cakes. it seems like it would be fairly available, but apparently not.

        i wonder if amphora people read chowhound. they should see how the employees treat customers. especially ones calling long distance!!!

        i completely understand your chow profile "Location:
        in my office and cranky"..... ;-).

        1. re: alkapal

          Two years ago, I had a large sheet birthday cake delivered from Randolph to Bethesda. Frankly, if a customer is willing to pay the delivery charge what earthly difference should it make to any bakery whether the item they'll be delivering is large or small.

          One caveat, I know I once overheard a conversation in Randolph between a grandmother who wanted to buy her granddaughter's wedding cake. The grandmother was too frail to make it to the wedding that was to take place somewhere distant, although still in VA. The rep from Randolph said there was a delivery radius and that the wedding site fell outside the radius. However, in this case -- North Arlington to McLean -- that certainly isn't the situation!!

          1. re: Indy 67

            i thought the same thing -- i mean a delivery charge is a delivery charge. maybe someone can explain the reasoning.....

      2. I somehow missed your first post. I am so sorry, because I could have saved you the hassle of calling Amphora. I've had a very similiar awful experiances with them and a friend of mine recieved a cake that tasted like it it was two months old. I wasn't even able to order a cake from them because I could never get them to take my order (not that I would want to order from them now.)

        I'm sorry that nothing worked out for you.