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Apr 28, 2004 05:16 PM


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Recently I mentioned Wingstop (altought I had not been there) so naturally I started craving wings and had to find out if it was really worth it.

It is.

I went to the location in Inglewood which is about two miles east of the 405 and Century Blvd in the new shopping center after Hollywood Park.

There are about six tables, but it is primarily a takeout location. There were at least 4-5 people in line for ToGo orders the entire time we were there.

We had the Hot and Cajun styles cooked well done (the only food I prefer that way) fries and store made blue cheese and ranch (for the fries). The wings and dressing were the best that I have had in CA (although I have not been to the Inn in Silverlake)

At the very least I declare Wingstop the best on the Westside

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  1. What is the address of WingStop and how were the prices?

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    1. re: DavisAggie

      There is a menu with prices on the website. Prices are a bit high, but my GF and I ate for about $22 so not out of this world (and with food left over).

      The street address is also on the site.

      1. re: Chefdavis

        $4.79 for 10 wings and $1.09 for fries does not seem terribly high.

        1. re: JJ

          hrmm....possibly those are Texas's prices with CA prices about 15% higher which is still not bad

    2. You should check out the Korean hot wings at Orchid Lounge in DT LA.

      Spicy and sweet (though sometimes too sweet).

      1. I can't wait to try Wingstop, thanks for the review and tips
        I love Buffalo Chicken Wings.
        Ye Rustic Inn is good, they have specials on Monday eves
        Going to try Hot Wings Cafe on Melrose Ave w/a group of friends, they have specials Tuesday eves

        1. The prices in OC are about $5.70 for 10 wings. Not many options for wings here, so I'll get good quality wings anywhere I can find them.

          I like the garlic parmesan and hawaiian BBQ wings the best.

          Here's the link to their website for the menu and locations (no prices listed, as it probably varies by region):

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          1. re: Wonginator

            If you live in OC, Wing Nuts on Harbor in Costa Mesa, is a much better place for wings. The wings are much bigger and they don't charge extra for ranch dressing.

            1. re: reality check

              I had read mediocre reviews about Wing Nuts before, so I've never tried it. Yours would be the first positive review I've seen about the place.

              If their website is up-to-date, their prices are higher than Wingstop, but if the wings are indeed bigger, they might explain the higher cost per wing for the lower quantity orders. According to the Wingnuts website, these are their prices:

              6-piece: $4.79 ($0.80 per wing)
              12-piece: $8.79 ($0.73 per wing)
              20-piece: $13.19 ($0.66 per wing)
              50-piece: $27.99 ($0.56 per wing)


              I'm curious if you've tried the ribs at Wingnuts also. They seem extremely pricey with the baby backs at $18.99, and the beef ribs at $16.99 (they don't say how large it is, I'm assuming it's a rack of ribs).

          2. Speaking of wings...I came across this stuff the other week at a food festival. It's a tasty treat which I have never seen or tasted before. It's kind of like a dip since they were giving samples out with tostitos. But the guy said try it on anything so I slopped it on some white bread when I got home and just ate it like that. This stuff is awesome! Anyway the website is below, but it's possibly one of the worst websites I've seen. I guess they're just starting it seems so I guess I can give him a break. Anyway, I'm a wing afficianado so I figured I would let the hounds in on this one. You won't be dissappointed.