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Feb 26, 2009 08:53 AM

Bay Area Shamrock Shake sightings?

Per a yelper the McDonald's SS has been spotted at Prospect and Lawrence in San Jose.

Any others?

Yeah. Shamrock Shake. It's been a few years since they've been spotted in the bay area. Looking forward to putting together a McGrasshoper ... half shamrock shake and half chocolate shake.

This better not be a time yelp plays with me. If I drive all the way to San Jose for a shamrock shake and there is none, my seasonal Irish eyes won't be smiling. Hopefully someone will spot one nearer the East Bay.

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  1. McD's in Lafayette (Mt Diablo Road) has them

    Are they truly that hard to find?

    1. I forget - were they actually flavored differently or just vanilla with green food coloring?

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      1. re: Carrie 218

        They taste like creme de menthe. It was a unique taste. They tried to replace it one year with the god-awful Shrek shake. Not the same thing at all. It has been a dry spell for a few years. The East Bay isn't exactly a hot bed of Irish actiivity so at least in my Latino nabe ,... nobody cares all that much about St. Patty's so the local McDonald's don't have them.

      2. I spotted the shamrock shake at the MickeyDs in Mountain View. Rengstorff exit across the street from In-N-Out.

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        1. re: DmltnMn

          Shamrock Shakes rock! It's the ultimate in Gen-X nostalgia food. Now if we could only get them to McFlurry it with Oreo's...

          Alameda now has the Shamrock Shake. It's your duty to go out and try some. From previous conversations with McDonald's managers, the Shamrock Shake kinda comes and goes out of fashion. McDonalds doesn't seem to advertise it much, and it almost died with that whole stupid Shrek (green) tie-in before.

          Anyhow, one of the managers told me he ordered a bunch one year, didn't sell much, and after St. Patrick's day had huge amounts he couldn't move and took a loss. That's why some places only order a small amount or none at all. (Most of the McDonalds out here are independently owned)

          Alameda McDonalds
          715 Central Ave
          Alameda, CA 94501

          FYI on Uncle O'Grimacey

          1. re: Jumbo_Jack

            Oh wow, I kind of wish I didn't know this. I live about two blocks away from that McDonalds, and I'm pregnant and all about milkshakes at the moment. Hmmmm. . .trying to decide if I can justify a quick run. It's for the baby, right?

        2. RW, I was looking for you and found out the McDonald's in SF: 609 Market St (near Montgomery Bart Station, by Stacey's bookstore) has it!

          I had to try one for myself. I got the small $2.45 + .21 tax = $2.66. It's like you said "creme de menthe". I shared it w/ the hubby and still couldn't finish it after a big lunch.

          Medium $2.89; Lg $3.39 before tax.

          The cashier said today, Sun 3/1/09, was the first day. Don't know for how long they'll have it, so hurry!

          Pics attached.

          609 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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          1. re: hhc

            Thanks. I'll be in SF next week.

            I was so close to the promised shake today. Valleo had it. I ordered one chocolate shake and one shamrock. Pay my money.Drive to pick up window and hear ... sorry we don't have the Shamrock shake today. Sigh.

            Well, if not Vallejo or SF there's Alameda. Glad it is looking like I don't have to drive to SJ. Seems like McDonalds is doing some sort of promotion for charity with the shake. No SS at Richmond or El Cerrito though.

            1. re: hhc

              That's funny -- I was going to Stacy's and stopped in that McD's and they didn't have it, but that was before this weekend.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                To clarify, there's a McD's right next to Stacy's that does not have the shakes -- they don't sell shakes at all (it's sort of a mini-Mickey). The McD's at 609 Market is in the next block, and they have the Shamrock shakes (according to the sign, through 3/22). They wouldn't do a half and half, though.

            2. Found one at Sunvalley mall in Concord today. Have heard about them for years but this was my first time finding one, it was very exciting. And thank you rworange for the McGrasshoper tip. I tried a little bit of the plain shamrock shake off the top and it was not nearly as good as when I mixed the chocolate in.