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Middlesex Lounge Sat. night

My husband and I have the afternoon and evening to ourselves and we plan on going here around 9 or 10 to listen to the DJ. I need some ideas for before we go. I like good wine and food and he likes beer and dive bars with cheap food. So I need something in between the two, or at least a place with a decent wine list where he can relax and enjoy himself and I will be happy with my wine. Food is more an afterthought but if we are hungry I want something decent.

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  1. Green Street will fit the bill for the two of you. Good wine list, very good cocktails and upscale comfort food.

    Beware -- Middlesex gets hella busy so if you don't want to stand on line, hit it up early.

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      Second everything.

      The crowds are insane these days, and since they removed half of the benches inside, calling it a Lounge is a bit of stretch - just 150 people standing around waiting forever for drink service.

    2. I also agree with yumyum. Its been a while since I've been to Middlesex and I live darn close to it but my favorite time being there was right after work at like 6 and actually lounging around (not standing) until the DJ hit. We enjoyed seeing the room transform, even danced a little but then it got really crowded so we ended up going to Green Street at the end of the night... consider flipping your agenda.

      1. In addition to Green Street, maybe Garden at the Cellar?

        1. Central Kitchen is nearby and good, but may be skewed to your preferences more so than your husband's.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have wanted to try Green Street so that is definite. Is there a time we should get there by also? And thanks for the info on the Middlesex. We will head in early and wait around with some drinks and hopefully grab a seat.

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              Green Street takes reservations for the dining area.

            2. Miracle of Science right next door is a favorite- more towards your husband, but better than average quality pub fare and I'm sure they have a decent wine list.

              1. I would also recommend Green Street for very good food, excellent cocktail craft, solid beer and wine list.

                As someone who frequents Middlesex whenever I feel like dancing on a Saturday night, its definitely more of a "dancing" place than a hanging out and listening place. I really enjoy myself there though. Another recommendation would be the Enormous Room above Central Kitchen if you want more of a loungy atmosphere.

                1. We definitely plan on dancing , we just wanted the loungy atmosphere for before. Thanks for all the suggestions.