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Feb 26, 2009 08:36 AM

Sobe/Miami Beach with the family

Afternoon All-
Will be in Florida for a little warmth next week with our 6 year old daughter.
We'll be staying at the Loews, and are looking for some recommendations for dinners-
We've got some breakfast ideas such as Front Porch Cafe, etc..

Ideally non chain and really just needs to have good to great food and be child accommodating-kids menu not necessary-budget not really an issue

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  1. We take our kids almost anywhere though they're a little older (11 & 8) and restaurant vets, but I think that most places on South Beach you won't feel terribly out of place bringing a child.

    There are a number of decent or somewhat better Italian and/or pizza places around Lincoln Road that could easily fit the bill. Rosinella; Tiramesu; Spris; Piola; Pizza Rustica.

    I think Talula, one of my favorites, would happiliy accomodate kids with a pasta dish or something else simple. They had a salmon dish when we brought a group for lunch that our kids wolfed down.

    Our kids really enjoy China Grill (I know - what have we raised??).

    If you're venturing off-beach, Pacific Time has a number of dishes that are kid-friendly (the many small plates options also help) and even started doing a kids' tasting menu recently. My kids love the hot and sour shrimp, and the grilled west-coast salmon w/ french fries (a larger portion from the bar menu which they usually split, not the salmon yaki on the regular menu). Frod Jr. also loves the pork belly with kim chee at Michael's Genuine, and the grilled skirt steak.

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      >>>>Our kids really enjoy China Grill (I know - what have we raised??).

      LOL. Gotta be those lamb spare ribs!

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        Sushi Samba may be considered a chain but they have good food and the outdoor seating makes it an option worth considering for the kids.

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          That's perfect-we'll definitely report back,

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            We love Talula too. Very kid friendly. The owners/chefs have three kids of their own. The food is great. The atmosphere comfy. It's our favorate and totally underrated. The foie - best in town. The risottos - nobody comes close - and my new favorates - try the Egg Skillet and the Talula Cassoulet. Delicious!

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              Hello Everyone!
              Back from the Loews and we had great trip-thanks to everyone for great advice, not a single dud of a meal all week...
              We very much enjoyed:
              Talula-Fabulous-dining highlight of the week for sure.
              A great upscale choice (as long as your kids know how to behave in this type of setting-(Daughter had homemade pasta w/sausage)-Assume this place will be really rocking once the W opens up
              Sushi Samba-We have been to other locations and enjoyed it-they do a cool Bento box menu for kids-the low seating is a bonus too.
              Tiramesu-We actually went twice-great homemade pastas-oustanding service-and nice to find actual Italian chefs and servers.
              Rosinella's-Nice atmosphere, classic trattoria food at good prices.

              Thanks again to all-I would be happy to answer any questions as well.