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Feb 26, 2009 08:34 AM

Male Bonding in Vegas-But w/ good food!

My boyfriend is heading to Vegas with his Dad and brother tomorrow for a weekend of male bonding. While I have been told to do some research on restaurants, I myself have never actually been to Vegas (only read about the excellent dining scene).

These guys like to eat well but are not really the steak house crowd. They are well-traveled and enjoy different types of cuisines including New American, asian/asian fusion, Indian, french, Italian, organic/farm fresh and seafood. They are coming from Boca Raton and Detroit. They also appreciate a cool ambiance/decor (isn't that part of dining in Vegas anyway?)

They will be staying at the Bellagio, and a bunch of people have already told them they HAVE to check out the buffet.

I put together an inital list of restaurants that stood out on Zagats and would love your input. I know food is expensive in Vegas but if you have any more affordable recommendations please let me know. These are mostly dinner ideas, but could be lunch if they are open. Breakfast recommendations are also appreciated.

*Guy Savoy (mostly because if I was heading to Vegas and didn't have to pay, this is where I would want to go :) )
*B & B Ristorante
*Nobhill Tavern
*Bradley Ogden

Thanks for your help and input.

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  1. If they are staying in the Bellagio, I would recommend Fix. I went there a month ago with a bunch of my buddies and had a great time.

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      Fix is a fun spot with some great cocktails. I second Nobu for a real sushi splurge. A fun guy's night could also start at Mandalay at Red Square and head over to China Grill for further drinks and great apps and then end there or go to Burger Bar or Areole.

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        I should mention Burger Bar is the list as well since it's one of my brother's recommendations and he goes to Vegas all the time.

    2. I don't think that Red8 is really anything special. This time of year the weather is great and lunch at Mon Ami Gabi would be nice. It is right across from the Bellagio (inside Paris) and you can sit outside and watch the fountains and people.

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        I've been saying it a lot lately on this board, but I'll say it again... I recently had a wonderful meal at B&B. Both the food and service were top-notch.

        I also enjoyed Guy Savoy. It's very formal, but I took the less formal approach and ate at the Bubble Bar. I actually thought to myself, "what am I doing here?" when I walked in, but the friendly and professional service quickly put me at ease.

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          Have you been to Babbo? Does anyone know if the menus at Babbo and B&B are basically the same? I saw some reference to the "love letters" and other items I remember on the Babbo menu (from years ago).

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            I've not been to Babbo, but the menu is similar to B&B. I posted B&B's menu in another thread you posted in, but here it is again in case you need it:


      2. If money is no object and they qualify as "foodies", then Savoy or Bar Charlie inside Restaurant Charlie would be my suggustions! Bar Charlie offers a Multi-Course Sushi Tasting option that is out of this world!

        The other best options on your list are Bradley Ogden and B & B. I have had great meals at both places.

        Do Burger Bar for lunch.