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Feb 26, 2009 08:24 AM

Barrington, RI recommendations?

We are going to Barrington this weekend to look at houses and are looking for a good place to go to lunch. Any other general suggestions about the food there are appreciated as well!

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  1. theres not really to much in barrington,but theres lots very close by,to the south,warren and bristol have many great eating options,and to the north theres lots too,but nothing that sticks out in "borington".....

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    1. re: im hungry

      Too bad! An early post spoke highly about an ice cream place there so I had some hope. Any recommendations for anything about 15 minutes outside of Barrington? Thanks.

    2. Quito's in Bristol is outstanding for seafood, though I'm not sure about their hours this time of year. I also like Leo's in Bristol--Italian entrees, with a variety of sandwiches and pizzas. You could also head up to Providence, which is only a few minutes away.

      1. Tyler point grille in Barrington or Le central in Bristol both I find delightful.

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          Tyler Point Grille looks great! I'll definitely be looking to head down there sometime this spring...

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            weve gone to tyler pointe maybe 5 times in the last 2 yrs and its always been at least pretty good,not totally great,but never bad.the pasta dishes have been good,a pizza appe. one time that was really good,and good fresh seafood.i like the place,my wife thinks its more of a "old people place",as in nothing to out of the ordinary,i call it dependable.we are in bristol,and theres just so many good to great places here,from leos,adains pub,le central,persimmon,quitos,cafe central for portuguese,that theres no reason to leave bristol.only a 15 minute drive from barrington too.

        2. Not much in Barrington for lunch but you can drive five minutes into Warren and try Stella Blues on Water St. Great people, comfortable place and good food at reasonable prices. And no, I don't work there or own the place - Just a fan! Happy house hunting!!

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            The ice cream place in Barrington is only open in warm weather -- it closed for the season around October. There are a few places in Warren -- one is a pizza place on the right side of the main drag going south, which is really good, and the other is also on Water Street, I think it's called 3 Rivers, right on the water, which serves breakfast and lunch and is excellent. My daughter and grandkids live in Barrington. I'll ask her for the name of the pizza place and post it later.

              1. re: Beulah

                Beulah - The pizza place I think you are talking about was Feast or Famine. It closed about three months ago. The owner is working on opening a new place nearby.

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                  Yes, my daughter, who lives in Barrington (I live in Philadelphia) told me that Feast or Famine and 3 Rivers are both closed, as is India. She says that 3 Rivers closed because of a landlord/tenant dispute and hopes to reopen nearby. There's another pizza place diagonally across the main road where we ate once and it was good -- had a bunch of interesting pizzas.

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                    sounds like feast or famine.there is a new burrito place in warren on market st. thats pretty good.lots of combinations,with many vegetarion options too,everything is made inhouse,great lineup of country club sodas[local favorite].

            1. All of the places mentioned are good. Wharf Tavern in Warren is good also.