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Feb 26, 2009 08:19 AM

Tony's Italian Steakhouse (West Hollywood)

Has anyone been yet? I found a few reviews that are pretty mixed - but a lot of them are from opening night which isn't really fair. Any thoughts?

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  1. I've actually been twice (once on opening night and again last Friday), and I think that Tony’s Italian Steakhouse is definitely worth checking out. The decor is attractive, and the service is solid. Most importantly, the food is very good—probably one notch below “great”.

    The most attractive thing about this restaurant is that it offers an incredible value. For instance, no dish on the menu is over $25, which includes prime cuts of steak (i.e., New York, rib eye medallion, top sirloin, etc.) In addition, each entrée comes with either truffled baked potatoes or pasta and two vegetables (typically glazed carrots and a green vegetable.) Lastly, Tony’s offers a nice selection of $5 martinis each night.

    On my first trip to Tony’s, I enjoyed a delicious New York strip that was well-seasoned and perfectly cooked. I should note that my date that evening had a steak that was overcooked and rather rough. During my second trip, I had the veal parmesan with a side of pasta and some vegetables. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pastas and Italian dishes are just as good as the steaks. Also, for dessert both times, I ordered the pomegranate sorbet, which is amazingly good. I would return just for that dessert. In fact, I am going to Tony’s again tomorrow night with some friends, so I will be sure to order this! ;-)

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      I forgot to mention that Tony's location on Sunset (next to Sunset Plaza) is great. The restaurant is easy to get to, and valet parking is only $5 with validation.

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        Thank you for the response! I am going to go for dinner tomorrow night - I'll report back.

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          I would hardly describe that location as "easy to get to". It's terribly congested with commuter cross traffic. Norman's did some amazing stuff in that kitchen a few years ago, while the economy was in better shape and no one bothered to go. I'm probably not the target audience anyway, I haven't ordered a steak since the early 90's.

      2. I ate there with a group on Thursday night and I really enjoyed it. The chef/owner Tony actually made rounds around the place. He's a great guy and it's nice to see a chef/owner actually in his own place of business in LA. The standouts were the bruschetta, white truffle shrimp pasta, and the swordfish.

        I'll be back there again soon...most likely for the $5 martinis.

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        1. Loved it!!! I started with the beet and goat cheese salad, which was simple and nice. I had the fillet mignon -- ordered medium rare -- with truffled mashed potatoes and subbed the Italian spinach for the green beans and carrots. My steak was tasty, but it was more medium vs. medium rare. I still enjoyed it. My friend had the swordfish and said it was great. I had 2 glasses of sangiovese (which was delish especially for $6 a glass), my friend had one of the $5 martini's. It was a relaxing and compfortable space; Tony was making rounds and even sat with us for a bit and chatted. All-in-all it was a great dinner and for very fair prices and I'll definitely be back soon. Thanks for all the recos!!

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            I was wondering if anyone else had some reviews to share? I'm considering going to Tony's next weekend with my boyfriend and his mother to meet her for the first time. She is visiting from Maryland.

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              I ended up going to Tony's on Saturday night with my boyfriend, his brother and their mother. The ambiance was lovely - large black leather booths and candles all up and down the walls. There is a pianist as well which was a nice touch and which was never too loud that I could not hear my dining companions.

              We started with the arancine and the burratta appetizers. Both were delicious. The arancine were larger than what I'm used to but were very good, stuffed with fontina cheese, peas and ham. The burratta was lovely - a large creamy dollop in the center of the plate surrounded by 4 crostinis and slices of tomato. We cleaned the plate completely. I had the 6 oz filet which was possibly one of the best filets I have ever had - perfectly seasoned, juicy and tender. My boyfriend had the special - blackened prime rib and proclaimed it the best piece of meat he has ever had. I tried it and it was outstanding. Fortunately my filet was wonderful as well so I didn't feel the need to eat his food. The entrees were served with mashed potatoes which we all enjoyed, glazed carrots (I found them to be bland) and broccolini which were seasoned and delicious. I did not try the brussel sprouts, but my boyfriend's mother loved hers. The prices are unbelievable. My filet, with the sides was $25. The special prime rib was the most expensive item on the menu at $28.

              The service was a bit slow, but fortunately we were in no rush. It was about 2/3 full by the time we left at around 10pm, which is a crime because this restaurant is a holy grail for delicious food at reasonable prices in the middle of West Hollywood. Tony came around and said hello and was very friendly. He also had a special burger on the menu which he said he spent about a year figuring out the prime portions of beef to combine to make the patty. He was very proud of it and disappointed that we had not ordered it. I assured him that I would take my parents in the next 2 weeks to come back and try the burger and I will surely make good with my promise to return because I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

              Everyone really needs to go out and try this restaurant. It would be an awful shame if it closed becasue we need more restaurants like this in the city.

          2. I ate there last night. I thought it was a solid meal and a great value. We started with the bruschetta which was a bit awkward to eat because of the 1/2 sliced grape tomatoes but the flavor made up for it.

            My sig other had a rib-eye, medium rare and cooked perfectly. I had the 6 oz. filet and it was also cooked perfectly and very tender, a good cut of meat. Each was $25 and came with mashed potatoes (good flavor, slightly overblended), glazed carrots and yellow squash.

            Dessert (his birthday) for SO was a devil's food cake, nothing special but very tasty. I had the pomegranate sorbet which I had read about and it exceeded my expectations.

            The above plus a scotch and a bottle of Villa Mt. Eden Cab brought the bill to $122. I think that is extremely reasonable.

            As has been mentioned in previous posts, the place was empty. I can't imagine why. I'm thinking the spot itself is cursed. The valet was a total jerk by the way. Nowhere to be found and once we did, total attitude.

            When I asked about this steakhouse in another thread, I didn't see this one. My question below w/ some responses.