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Feb 26, 2009 08:07 AM

RITZ® Mock Apple Pie

I just tried this recipe for mock apple pie from the Kraft website.

And to my surprise it's actually quite good; in fact, it's very good. Almost makes me wonder if I ever need to use apples again ...

One downside to this mock pie ... no aromatic apple smell wafting through the kitchen.

Any other mock fruit pies out there?

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  1. Wow. My mother, who grew up in the depression in a family of great cooks, (think apple strudel with homemade phylloh dough) said everybody loved this pie! I could never figure out how that could be, but now you've got me thinking about it again. Should I try it?

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    1. re: rememberme

      My aunt used to make that when I was a kid. It has been a running joke since, but it was actually very good.

    2. Does it taste like apples? Or something else entirely?

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      1. re: rememberme

        Even if it tastes just like real apple pies, what's the advantage? Is it just the novelty?

        1. re: pemma

          I guess it's kind of the novelty. I enjoyed making this a long time ago and pawning it off on people who all just accepted that it was apple pie. The wierd thing is (as I remember) the apples kind of smoosh and compress together in layers that actually look like apple slices.

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            I wondered about the point of it, too. I looked up its origins. It turns out that pioneer women could keep crackers in their covered wagons for a long time, along with sugar, water, and the appropriate flavoring. What they couldn't keep well in the heat was apples. Hence, the birth of "Mock Apple PIe," which was picked up later by the Ritz cracker people.

            I've made it. It's good and tastes just like apple pie. You definitely ought to try it. However, I will bet that it is cheaper and healthier to make an apple pie out of apples. (On the other hand, if I ever decide to get into my Conestoga wagon and head for the Great Beyond, I'll keep the recipe in mind!)

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              Bingo. It's good -- but it's way, way higher in carbohydrates and especially fat than the real thing.

              I've made it for occasions like April Fool's Day, though.

              1. re: gfr1111

                The mock apple pie sort of reminds me of McDonald's Baked Apple Pie.

                As to why make it instead of real apple pie?

                -Cost (Rtiz crackers are probably cheaper than apples)
                -Shelf-life (bet the mock pies keep longer than the real one)

          2. I remember this from childhood. Have never made it or even had it as an adult. I think it would be fun to make and serve to get opinions.

            1. interesting. I've seen the recipe on the box many times but it has always frightened me lol ... I just cannot fathom a pie made from ritz crackers can taste like real apples. I may have to try this

              1. OMG this was one of the first things I ever "cooked". I think I was in Brownies at the time :-)

                The advantage to real apple pie is at least you're getting some real fruit albeit mixed with cinnamon, sugar and butter!