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30th Birthday Dinner Ideas

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I'm taking my boyfriend out for dinner tomorrow night (Friday) for his 30th birthday and although I've poured through sites like New York Mag, Yelp, Citysearch, NY Times, etc., I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Some restaurants we've enjoyed in the past:

Grange Hall (back in the day...)
Back Forty
Philip Marie
The Place
Five Front
Pretty much every steakhouse in Manhattan

We're meat and potatoes people and my boyfriend has a HUGE appetite, so we definitely want somewhere that doesn't skimp on food. We're not looking for sushi or any other obscure or strange food offerings. Ambiance is important...somewhere with a nice, cozy feel would be great. Price not a factor! Any help you could give would be great. I posted last year and Apizz was recommended and we LOVED that.

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  1. What about Blue Ribbon Bakery? Also, do you def. want to stay in Manhtattan (i see a couple Brooklyn spots up there)? If not, you should post in the outer borough board too. I think Walter Foods may be up your alley (Williamsburg)

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      Brooklyn options are fine, but there has to be something compelling/special about the place that makes it worth the trip. Walter Foods looks intriguing.

    2. How about Craft http://www.craftrestaurant.com/

      Or STK in the Meatpacking District. stkhouse.com
      or Wolfgang's http://wolfgangssteakhouse.com/

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        I've been to Wolfgang's but not STK. How is it? Craft might be a good call as well, but what's the atmosphere like?

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          Started a friend's bachelor party off at STK. Real good fun and the Steaks were surprisingly good. The atmosphere is pretty much the typical scene you would imagine from a sceney Meatpacking District restaurant. Very entertaining.

          For Craft..