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Feb 26, 2009 07:24 AM

Decent Lunches - Vancouver

Mali Thai is a small place on Main at 15th which offers lunch specials in the $6-$7 range including the usual suspects - range of curries (including rice and salad) and some noodle dishes including pad thai. Nothing earth shattering but the curries are ok specially for the price - haven't tried the noodles.

Mandala Iki is on 4th across from the Safeway and offers a range of Chinois dishes for lunch; they run around $7-$8. Had the spicy Singapore noodles and Szechuan chicken with green beans - both tasty with a nice little kick. They offer brown rice with most of their specials which is nice change.

I am not saying either of these is anything more than decent value but I would appeciate hearing from others who have similar recommendations - never have too many reliable lunch places.


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  1. My list:

    -Hawker's Delight on Main (Singapore/Malaysian and my favourite cheap eats in town)
    -Phnom Penh (Cambodian-Vietnamese)
    -Seri Malaysia (Hastings St)
    -Pho at Le Do, Cuu Long, Song Huong, Pho Tai, My Chau...or pretty much any place
    -Bahn Mi at Tung Hing
    -Congee, Noodles are pretty much anywhere (eg Congee Noodle House, On Lok, etc.)
    -Saravanaa Bhavan (South Indian buffet...very good and fresh)
    -Prayag Raj (Gujarati)