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Feb 26, 2009 07:21 AM

Park Slope dining help

We are going to a show at the Brooklyn Lyceum (off President on 4th ave) on Friday at 8--I need a place for 2 adults and 2 teenagers to eat. 1 TEEN IS A VEGAN. Preferably decent food. Any suggestions?

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  1. How about Ghenet? Ethiopian at 4th and Douglass. I am not absolutely sure what kind of oil they use for cooking, but a quick phone call could verify. It certainly has delicious vegetarian options and is close to the Lyceum.

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    1. re: kabny

      I've been dying to try Ghenet. Please let me know more...

      Dang teenagers and their need to rebel by being Vegan! lol. I guess it's better than smoking. If all else fails, S'Nice is a vegan sandwich shop that supposedly has great sandwiches. Its on 5th ave and 3rd street.

      1. re: secondbecky

        I don't find the sandwiches great. They look better than they taste. But when I was a vegan, I was happy to get anything that resembled well-prepared food when I went out, so maybe that explains it.

        Try Get Fresh, at 370 5th Ave. They have vegan options, at least for brunch, You can check out the menu on their website. Food also looks better than it is, but it's way better than 'Snice. They also just got a new chef, so probably it's better than it was.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          I looked at the menu online but it seems like a take out place. Can you eat in?

          1. re: chocolatefancy

            It used to be a build your own dinner kind of place, but now it's a full-fledged restaurant with lots moms and families in its clientele base.

    2. S'nice, on the corner of 5th Ave and 3rd Street, is all vegetarian and vegan.

      1. you could walk further down 5th and try LaVilla Pizza. Pretty good, and more for non-vegans.
        Vegetarian Palate up on Flatbush is Chinese style vegan - some like it, I dont like fake meat dishes - seems like mostly takeout..
        When my daughter was vegan, (and still for that matter) she found things she liked very much at Japanese restaurants. Taro Sushi, at Flatbush /Fifth/ Dean has very good veg and obviously non-veg sushi as well as other small dishes she might enjoy.
        There is also a newish place up on the west side of flatbush, near the intersection with 7th Ave called something like Veg Palate. (Im not sure I got the name right)
        Middle eastern places can be very vegan friendly. My fave is still Mr. Felafel up on 7th near 5th St, I think - not fancy but good veg and as well as non-veg options. Perhaps someone else can recommend something down these lines that is more uptodate.
        Finally, the whole Fifth Ave strip is lined with restaurants and most will offer something that a vegan might like just see what they are offering and take potluck.

        Having recommended all these places oriented to Vegans and vegetarians, Id say dont let yourself be tyrannized! Vegan teenagers can be hard on chowhound families, and they need to learn to make do at normal places . For example, my daughter found little to eat in Italy when she was a vegan - I think she got pretty bored of red sauce pasta, bread, salad, grilled veg and vegetable soup! Fortunately after a few years she eventually moderated her regime to ovo-lacto and is healthier as well as happier.

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        1. re: jen kalb

          Good idea. I think we will go to one of the Japanese places on 5th off of Union.

          1. re: chocolatefancy

            if you go that route, I highly highly recommend Jpan on 5th and 2nd. Fresh fish, creative rolls, and not as pricey as Blue Ribbon.

            Is Get Fresh also still a take out place? I was going to go in but it looked more like a sit down restaurant.

            1. re: secondbecky

              It is a sit down restaurant but they still do take out.

              I don't like Jpan. Pretty sure those people aren't Japanese.

              1. re: Peter Cuce

                Well we went to Tamari and it worked out well for the vegan and the rest of us.

        2. You might want to try V Spot. Even non vegans rave love it.

          1. I defintely second Vegetarian Palate on Flatbush Ave (Btwn St Marks Ave & Prospect Pl)- the restaurant is sparsely decorated but it has great vegan Chinese food. Many of my meat lover firends like all the different soy based fake meats they use.