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Gebhardt's Chili Powder

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Hi everyone - does anyone have a clue where I can find this chili powder?

here's alink to a photo:


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  1. It is available, though not widely, in Toronto. I actually saw it within the last couple of weeks, but I can't remember where. You can try calling Highland Farms, which is one possibility. If it wasn't there, then I'm blank for the moment.

    I have tasted it, since it is a must have for many Texas chiliheads, and I was disappointed. The only thing unusual about it was the colour.

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      Ok thanks for the lead embee I'm going to give them a ring. For some reason I was thinking Sobey's on Danforth...

      but if something jog's your memory, I'll be awatin'

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        I was in a couple of Highland Farms over the weekend and didn't see it... if anyone is in Fiesta Foods in the next few days, can you see if they have it?