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Feb 26, 2009 06:56 AM

Hooray for Hosea

I've been rooting for Boulder chef Hosea Rosenberg since this season of "Top Chef" began. I'm thrilled that he won,. Here's how the Boulder Camera reported it:

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  1. Thanks for spoiling my surprise. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

    1. Strange that his party was at West End Tavern , and not at the restaurant where he's the chef.

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      1. re: shallots

        Shallots - I was out of town so didn't go, but Jax is a long, narrow space w/ the bar in front taking up a good portion of the square footage. West End Tavern nextdoor has a huge, tented, heated rooftop deck that can accommodate many more people without interfering with downstairs service..

      2. Boo freaking Hiss. He was mediocre all season long. Rarely won a challenge and got into the finale because others screwed up worse than he did.

        If Top Chef is meant to reward skill, creativity and consistency (after all, that's what a Top Chef is in my book) it should have gone clearly gone to Stefan. Carla was improving but still was a very late challenger in the competition--and her last meal was ruined by allowing her Sous Chef to make menu changes. Hosea struggled with fish dishes throughout the competition--something that was supposed to be squarely in his wheelhouse.

        I'm extremely disappointed in the judges choice--they lost a lot of credibility in my opinion.

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        1. re: meadandale

          Agreed! I finally watched the finale yesterday and stayed away from this board because I had a feeling that someone would spoil it.
          But yes...Hosea was very mediocre throughout the whole season and I am so disappointed he won.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Miss Needle -
            I don't know how you kept your mouth shut!! Well done!

            Did you watch it again with DH?
            I wanted to re-watch, but couldn't.
            If you did - did you pick up on anything between Casey and Carla watching it with all the knowledge of yesterday's revelations? Or anything else for that matter?

            1. re: NellyNel

              Oh, it was pretty difficult! I was dying inside! This has happened a few times before. But never for the finale.The most difficult 23 hours of my life! : )

              I did watch it with DH but didn't check the boards until today. So I was totally clueless about the whole Casey and Carla thing. Not really sure if knowing what happened between Casey and Carla would have changed my opinion of what happened between them on the show. I was totally rooting for Carla and was a bit upset when Casey started making her suggestions. But it was ultimately Carla who shouldn't have second guessed herself and made what she wanted to do. Even though Carla would have not gotten along with Marcel as well, he would have been a much better choice for her as he was a sous-chef that didn't really want to interfere too much with the contestant's meal. Casey kind of committed career suicide (well, I may be a touch melodramatic) with her original comments and then with her insistence on how she was misled with the whole facebook thing. Oh well, I hope she's counting on the fact that people's memories are short.

          2. Just wanted to say you spoiled it for me as well :-(. Common knowledge not to put something like that in the subject heading.

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            1. re: operagirl

              Yup, count me as one of those who was annoyed to see the subject line. I stared at it in disbelief for a while. I guess mediocrity DOES get you places!

              1. re: gloriousfood

                I think I was as much annoyed that it was Hosea won, as I was that I was spoiled for the ending. I was harder to watch knowing no matter what I thought, the guy I didn't want to win was going to win.