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Feb 26, 2009 06:42 AM

Haymarket and Fish Advice

Any thoughts on the various sellers of fish at Haymarket?

I'm leery of the guys selling outside on the street next to the T station, as their seafood looks pretty beat up.

Has anyone used any of the guys selling fish from the downstairs shops in the main part of the market? Any hidden gems or cautions?

And any other source of fresh fish (not lobsters or crabs) that is walkable from the Financial District?

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  1. I'm around the Haymarket all the time, at Pete's Pub. Here's my advice about the fish:

    Turn left at Greenland.

    1. In my experience the downstairs fish seller is really awful, you can do better with the stands outside, but you still need to be very choosy there too and should know your prices before going there because not everything is a deal (plus you can negotiate a bit).

      On Salem Street in the North End is Mercato del Mare, Hook's offers fish as well and you can do cash and carry from a few places on Fish Pier but that is a hike. C-mart in Chinatown has a nice selection, I usually go to the lincoln street location despite the crowds. I think any of these are a better bet than the Haymarket vendors (and I am a Haymarket fan).

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      1. re: itaunas

        I'll agree; the fish at C-Mart is pretty darned good....

        1. re: galleygirl

          On Friday, the haymarket vendors go around to all of the local distributors and buy their "special fish" . Their motto is "under a buck, on the truck".

          Go to the North end, Mercato del Mare. You'll thank me later.

      2. I go to Haymarket sometimes, for veggies. I usually can smell the fish vendors from a block away. Personally, I'd never buy fish from any of them.

        1. Advice - yes......stay far away!

          1. I just bought salmon at haymarket this past friday. I got it from the stands outside. The price was great: $3/pound. I got home, and turns out the fish is rotten. I wil stick to c-mart in chinatown from now on.

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            1. re: ayoka

              Don't say we didn't warn you.

              They give the fish a bath to mask the smell until you get it home

              1. re: Richard Hurts

                Not that I don't doubt everyone here, but how can this continue to happen?
                If the fish were always foul, they would not stay in business and disappear, no?
                Plus, in theory, there are health regulations attached to the sale of this stuff. If it were so horrible, you'd think someone would have dropped a dime on them by now...