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Feb 26, 2009 06:23 AM

Restaurant Rosalie in Cedars

Anyone been there? Used to be Alison Cafe at Cedars.

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  1. Hadn't been but I guess you read the article in the Inky this AM, sounds interesting.

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      Truth is, we live in Montgomery County, and I always am looking for something new and special.

    2. Also used to be "Cafe at Cedars" with which we were never impressed.

      1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Three of us went to Restaurant Rosalie last week and had a really great dinner as well as a lovely chat with Greg and Kellie - the chef and hostess/server. All of our courses were expertly cooked, presented and served. I do feel that the $65 is a little high for a BYOB, particularly in this economy. For the extra money, I thought the amuse bouche portion was too small and while the cocktail was enjoyable, it did not warrant the additional $18 for the cocktail, amuse bouche and coffee, which in some restaurants is the cost of a complete entree. We already have another reservation for the Filet Mignon dinner in October, so will post another review at that time. The ambiance, personal service and friendly atmosphere definitely add value, but Greg and Kellie may want to tweek the pricing just a little to fill more seats.