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Feb 26, 2009 05:53 AM

Somewhere good for early dinner

I planned on going to either Christophe or Laserre for a dinner with someone else but they only start serving at 7pm from what I see and due to the other party's time constraints, I think 6/6:30 would be a better fit. Of course, if they admit that the event at will start an hour late then my issue would be resolved but nonetheless.
I would like somewhere recommended on the quality of food, first and foremost(I don't care to wast meals at random, subpar joints), open for dinner at this time.
Casual or a bit more refined, not too picky but I will be quite full from lunch and the whole meal time is possibly limited to 1.5 hours so no grand tastings, 3 stars and such.
As for location, I think counterparty will be going back to 1eme so 20 min max cab ride to there? I am not sure of this so please give me your selections with location as a last concern.

Also, this is a dinner for mid-week if that matters.

I realize that perhaps people do not know all their favorite restaurant opening times but if so, this would be useful to me. I usually dine later so am not used to having such a constraint and I know of the brasseries but am not so excited about those. If I am mistaken to write them off so hastily please let me know.

I hope the question is clear and thank you in advance.

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  1. To be honest you will be lucky to fine a good bistro/restaurant that starts that early, and be warned the pace will pick up slowly as people settle in so the first service won't be rapid. Most Parisians eat later and that is what restaurants gear up for.

    Best bet is a brasserie because they do serve all day. Near the 1eme you could try Vaudaville, an historic location/brasserie with all the Parisian trappings but very patchy food.

    1. A few really good places in the first that will serve that early. In addition to Vaudville, Willi's, Juveniles and Grand Colbert all come to mind.

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        How can you mention "really good" and Grand Colbert in the same sentence? Probably the worst food I have ever had in Paris. ;(

        1. re: ChefJune

          I completely agree. Decor is the only thing it has going for it.

      2. PhilD, given that you have no suggestions, I am thinking I was mostly correct in assuming there is not much choice.
        You know far more than I and thus, a lost cause.
        I have come up with something that should be OK so no worries.
        I am not so interested in trying anything labled as having "patchy" food.
        Rubbish stays in the receptacle or someone else can have it.

        Did not think very much of Willi's and it seems Grand Colbert is somewhere to avoid like the plague.

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          Was just reading in Le Fig that Helene Darroze is offering an afternoon tea special -- perhaps that could be an idea? 22 euros for sandwiches and patisseries, accompanied by tea. You could go even earlier, around 4.30-5pm, and then eat dinner after your event? The restaurant is in the 6th, so the location would work for you.

        2. LHuiterie, tiny oyster bar at Mabillon metro stop, cute, fairly priced and wonderful oysters if that works for you. Very east pre-dinner snack.

          1. The bar at the Meurice ha a nice menu of small dishes: quite pricey, I admit, but the turkey club sandwich is a favorite. The other **** plus hotels in the 1st probably have similar offerings. And taxis are always plentiful on rue Castiglione.