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Feb 26, 2009 05:00 AM

Firebox in Hartford

We had a wonderful dining experience at Firebox. It is a farm to table restraunt that tries to use local ingredients when possible. While not every dish was spot on I still appreciated the creative attempts made while still keeping it simplistic. On Mondays you can choose any app, entree, and dessert for only $30. My entree alone would have cost $30 so this special is well worth it! They are also opening or may have already opened a venue next door for jazz and Blues. This establishment is such a welcome addition to the Hartford dining scene. It has been open for almost 2 years and I wish I discovered it sooner. The "farmers egg" appetizer is a must try!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I've been meaning to try it out but haven't made it there yet and I haven't heard any first hand experiences.

    1. Had a great dinner here Saturday. I'm in Boston and my husband and I wanted to meet up with my mom from NY. This was 100 miles for each of us, right off 84 and worked out great.

      We started with drinks at the bar. I had a chardonnay, rosemary and elderberry liquor cocktail- very light, would have been great for a summer drink. My husband had them create a non-alcoholic pomegranate lemonade- delicious! My mom had a sidecar. We had a few oysters and some littlenecks. The Noanks were a highlight.

      For apps, I would highly recommend the appetizer portion of fettuccine with mushrooms. I don't usually order pasta out, I mean, hey, I can boil water, right? This pasta was something special. Fresh made, perfect mouth feel. My app of calamari was very good, as was my husband's grilled brussel sprout salad with apples. Personally, I would have grilled the apples rather than added them raw to the salad though.

      Entrees- my short ribs were delicious. I only ate half the plate, preferring to save room to eat some of everyone else's food and dessert. The duck breast was perfectly cooked medium rare with crisp skin. The scallops were also perfectly cooked over a really nice lentil pilaf. Everything was expertly seasoned. The server was really good- just the right level of attentiveness, plates brought and cleared exactly when I would have wanted.

      Desserts- we shared a semifreddo and a bread pudding. Both excellent. Coffee and tea were also brought promptly and refilled without having to ask.

      Prices were reasonable- mid 20's for most entrees, the short ribs were $28. Right in line with what you would expect for this level of service and ingredients. The decor is exposed brick with aged wood beams, high ceilings, and really nice lighting. My mom commented how nice it was that she could read the menu, yet it did not seem bright.

      Re-reading this, those who don't know my posts might think that I just like everything. Let me assure you, I don't. This really was a uniformly positive dining experience and I highly recommend it. In fact, next time I'm stuck in traffic on I-84 between Boston and New York, I just might stop in again.

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        <<Re-reading this, those who don't know my posts might think that I just like everything. Let me assure you, I don't.>>

        This made me chuckle. :) Thanks for your thorough review...which bumped this thread and brought it to my attention (I must have missed it the first time).

        I drive past the street where Firebox is on my way to work each morning and have wanted to check it out. I wonder if the Monday special askeenan mentioned is still going on? I looked on their site, but didn't find it. Their lunch menu looks great. Maybe one day soon I'll have to take a long lunch. :)

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          Kattyeyes, the lunch at firebox is great you should go. it is a perfect way to the try the restaurant for "cheaper" just make sure to put aside some time since I haven't ever gotten out of there in under an hour.

          As for the Dinner menu, we find that it seems to be hit or miss sometimes. but the food is genuinly repaired the servvice in our experience has always been good and we like the space so we keep going back.

      2. I did some homework here and other sites before I went to the Firebox last week. The comments were pretty mixed so I wanted to post that my friend and I had a nice time and an excellent meal. I had the duck breast and my friend had the short rib. We shared the charcroute for an app and it was great. The staff was helpful and friendly, I read some negative comments but I found nothing wrong. If I had to come up with a couple of minor quibbles, one would be the entree came a bit too soon after our appetizer. But the meals were hot and perfectly cooked so I'd rather err on the side of too soon. I thought the wine list was pretty expensive, so we each had a glass instead. We'll be going back.

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          Yay! This is one of my favorite restaurants in Hartford, but it's been a bit more than a month since I've dined there. Good to hear it's still serving great food.

        2. Has anyone been on Sunday evenings for the bluegrass menu? I have heard about it but don't have any details. Their website does not offer any information on it either. Anyone have the 411 on this night?