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Feb 26, 2009 04:56 AM

flatiron district

Can you recommend some flatiron favorites. Family coming in from out of town. Open in terms of cuisine, something somewhat upscale and delicious!

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  1. Alegretti
    Bar Stuzzichini

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    1. re: piegirl74

      Craft - American (New), Wild Game
      Hill Country - Barbecue
      Mesa Grill - Southwestern, American (New), Wild Game
      Tocqueville - American (New), French
      Kellari's Parrea - Greek, Mediterranean, Seafood
      A Voce - Itlalian
      Eleven Madison Park - American (New), French

    2. Tamarind

      Second the recs for: A Voce, EMP

      Would NOT recommend Hill Country (huge rip-off and half-ass food).

      1. "Somewhat upscale": Allegretti -

        Upscale: Eleven Madison Park -

        Upscale: Veritas -

        If you detest insanely high noise levels and prefer to dine in a conversation-friendly environment, I would avoid A Voce.

        1. For tasty non-mainstream Italian, try Via Emilia on 21st by Park (cash only). A Voce is overrated imo. Service is hit-or-miss there. Even if I was being treated, I'd go to VE before AV.

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          1. re: drmoze

            While I like Via Emilia, it is definitely not "somewhat upscale." More like very casual with very moderate prices. Also, in addition to the cash only policy, they don't take reservations.

          2. All good suggestions.

            Gramercy tavern is not far from there. I would also add Boqueria--its not really "upscale" like some of the others, but its excellent.

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            1. re: thedairyshow

              Casa Mono is not quite Flatiron but is a nice place for tapas by Gramercy Square Park on Irvington. Boqueria is another great option for tapas (I believe it's at 19th and 6th) but isn't quite Flatiron either. The problem with both of the above is that quarters are tight and the restaurants get pretty loud during prime dinner hours. Waits can also get outrageous. Allegretti is a very good option for nice Mediterranean French right in Flatiron. Gramercy Tavern is a little south of Madison Square Park and Flatiron proper, but is very family appropriate, somewhat upscale and delicious.