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Restaurants and Bars with Matchbooks

Hi all,

I collect matchbooks (have since I was 15). I was wondering if you could let me know of any bars or restauarants in the city where you have notcied them. It makes a big difference to me if a place has a matchbook, it's a special way for me to remember the meal and the night.

Thanks for your help!

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    1. 2 recent dinners where we picked up matchbooks: Trattoria Trecolori and Nino's Tuscany.

      1. I picked them up at Ocean Grill and Craftbar, and I thought the ones at the latter were really nice.

        1. Keens and A Voce. I still collect them too, got a lot tougher once smoking ceased in restaurants.

              1. Del Posto, Gramercy Tavern, Union Square

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                  Oh yeah you gotta keep busy. I collect matchbooks from glamorous nightclubs. It's amazing - if you just write to them and ask them nicely...

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                    I had too google this reference - I knew I'd heard it somewhere before!

                2. Aurora (Brooklyn and Soho) has them.

                    1. I think Duke's has them; not positive though.

                      1. I collect them too...

                        Duke's, Big Daddy's, City Crab, TAO (nice ones), almost all the Union Sq. Hospitality Group restaurants, 5Ninth, Angelo Maxie's Steakhouse, Indochine, Rosa Mexicano...

                            1. Got one from Sobe-ya over the weekend.

                                1. Nobu's are cute the match tops are lime green

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                                    the otheroom, another room, the room.

                                  2. Market Table, 21 Club, Keen's, Del Posto

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                                        i also have a batch.

                                        brasserie ruhlmann has a cute twist....a matchbook doppelganger, proper size and shape, that holds a tiny note pad.

                                      2. I collect them too! Extra Virgin, Crispo, DB Bistro Moderne, Angelo of Mulberry...

                                        1. A few others not listed above: Peasant, Frankies Spuntino (bkln), Toad Hall, Eleven Madison Park, Walkers, Remi, Royale and Simone. That was in no particular order, by the way.

                                                  1. Stand on 12th street, the burger joint, has a space on their matchbooks to write down the number of the girl you met there. I collect 'em too. How do you keep them? I have a huge glass olive oil jar I throw them in but its overflowing. Afraid I'm gonna burn the house down. Also collect restaurant cards (by default) that I keep in looseleaf binders in baseball card plastic sheets and, of course, menus.

                                                    1. I picked up a pretty one last week at La Fonda del Sol. It's a tiny matchbox with their gold circle on either side.

                                                      1. I just spotted 3 in my office drawer:
                                                        Blue Smoke

                                                        1. Churrascaria Plataforma, Gottino, Stanton Social, Butter

                                                          1. My recent finds were Peter Lugar in Brooklyn and, in the Union Square area, Heartland Brewery, Republic, and Old Town Bar. Matchbooktraveler.com is a good resource for matchbooks. Glad to see others collect matchbooks, too.

                                                            1. Maya on the UES has nice ones.

                                                              1. All the avroko-designed restos have match books - Public, Double Crown, Quality Meats, Park Avenue

                                                                1. Do the matchbooks have to actually have matches? We just finished eating at Allegretti. They have "matchbooks" but when you open them up, they are tiny notepads. Too cute!

                                                                  1. Thanks everyone! Check out the blog if you have a chance: