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Feb 26, 2009 03:48 AM

Sauce In Glastonbury!

Interesting article in Thursday Hartford Courant about new changes to Sauce, No longer serving lunch,to devote more time to evening meals. Also now including a happy hour,with free small bites and draft beer at reduced prices. Also offering special dinners for Monday and Tuesday and a Spaghetti diner on Wed's. The prices look better than before, but only time will tell. Hope to hear from some one soon, about new changes and prices. As this place has had Meany previous posts, good and bad I'm hoping some interesting posts are forth coming.... Earle Ct.

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  1. Everyone is tryiong to hold on...there are several places in the same area that hoping for something to happen.

    The new deli is owner shopping...

    Maybe the new chef at Sauce can put a little zip in the food and bring people back.

    The week after school vacation is notorious for being a slow week...especially in a town where the people go to florida and take cruises and ski...

    Max A More was busy Tuesday night at 7 but by 9 had petered out.

    They did a wonderful Carpaccio and an excellent hand made Gnocci...but the gnocci portions were a bit skimpy...very nice dinner with five other friends...

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      We went to Glastonbury J Gilbert's Tuesday and were surprised at how busy they were around 6:30. Can't say what it was like later in the evening but the place was full when we were there. I think it benefits from business business with the Hilton nearby - I know I've used it for business dinners frequently in the past. As for Sauce, while I definitely don't want to see the business fail, we were never very pleased with the place. Tried it a few time after opening through early Fall and were consistently disappointed: long waits even with reservations, poor service and mediocre and skimpy food. I understand the new chef is from the Max group, so maybe there's hope.