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Feb 25, 2009 08:09 PM

Tasting menu? Between LAX and Nokia theatre

Out of towner here seeking a great tasting menu meal en route from my hotel at LAX to the Nokia theatre.

Last time I was in LA I dined at Opus Bar and Grill but perusing their site, doesn't seem they have the spontaneous tasting menu anymore.

Any suggestions? Thanks !

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  1. My recommendation goes to Spago in Beverly Hills. Yes, it is often a see and be seen hotspot, but if you are serious about food they can wow you. Some will tout the omakase at Urasawa, which will be more than twice as expensive and a different experience, and others will point you to Providence. Bazaar is the new big deal hotel gourmet spot that is getting more raves than the comparable XIV or Gordon Ramsay, Andres vs. Mina or F-word. Hatfield, Sona, Grace, Lucques, even Campanile have their fans, and when on its game Craft can provide a memorable succession of dishes to share. And we haven't touched on the Italian which is a bit further -- Valentino, Mozza, or Angelini, or the French-inspired Melisse or La Cachette.

    1. If you are going to the Nokia Theatre, I suggest you try the tasting menu at Drago Centro. Absolutely beautiful restaurant with fantastic food and wine to match. Or you could try Water Grill. You cannot go wrong with either restaurant if you are gong to be in downtown LA.

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        i second drago centro. went there for l.a. dine and ended up adding few items to go along with dine la menu. the octopus crispy rissoto was great!

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          I agree with KTLA on the Water Grill and Drago Centro, having recommended both the other day to friends-of-friends staying downtown. It's especially interesting to get that wonderful meat course (exceptional beefsteak, the last time I was there) at the WG, a place known primarily for its excellent fish and seafood.

        2. Thanks everyone! I'm going to look in to all of these options...they sound great! Before I got any replies I landed on Ciudad via other posts on here (and found they have a free shuttle to the Nokia). Their food looks fabulous tooo! Ok off to drool over your links/suggestions. You guys in LA are the best on here! Steered me to my favorite all time meal EVER because of this board! :D

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            Personally I would avoid Ciudad, very out dated and the food is just not that good. Went there for Lunch, Happy Hour andPaella night all last year and will not be back ( 3 strikes )There are many places with shuttles to Nokia/Staples and I would not make a point of that. Taxi fare is less than 10 bucks downtown to the Nokia. Just wanted to give the ney on Ciudad..

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              And just as quickly a thumbs-up. Ciudad has wonderful food, fine cocktails, and is in no way dated - unless you're writing off the cooking of the Americas altogether. If you insist on this week's model, there is a lot to admire about Rivera, which is just a block from Staples and has an elaborate tasting menu.