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Best Chinese Food in Astoria, Bayside, Whitestone ?

Hey Chowhound Foodies. Where is the best Chinese food in Astoria ? A place where you can order some sweet and sour pork, some short ribs, some wonton soup and some shrimp fried rice.

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  1. Good luck. The dishes you mention all seem to be americanized chinese dishes, and they are usually much the same anywhere, give or take. IMO, pretty crappy unchallenging fare.

    But why settle for that when you are so near Flushing and can get the real thing? That is the gold mine of asian food for the east coast!

    1. for classic american chinese food served in THE classic american chinese setting, there's always King Yum in Fresh Meadows. Best egg roll I've ever eaten.

      1. There's no actually good Chinese food in Astoria.

        1. There are only a few spots outside Flushing I like although none in the 3 areas you mention. Northern Manor in Little Neck, East Ocean Palace in Forest Hills, and Ping's in Elmhurst (I assume it's still there- haven't been since 06). I live in Bayside, so occasionally I will get Northern Manor. In a pinch for slightly above take-out levels I'd say Tofu in Bayside (Bay Terrace shopping center).

          East Ocean Palace
          113-15 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

          83-02 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11373

          211-33 26th Ave, Queens, NY 11360

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            Pings is still there. Ate there fairly recently. Always hoppin'.

          2. I like Peking House on Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows. Similar to King Yum as to the old school Americanized Chinese food. You know, the minute you sit down, crunchy noodles on the table with duck sauce and hot mustard.

            Peking House
            185-23 Union Tpke, Queens, NY 11366

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            1. There are two King Chef Whitestone and College Point. They are the best American Chinese food in the area. If you want the real thing hit Flushing for hard core I'll try anything Chinese food. Kings Chef's food is fresh not greasy and THEY CLEAN THEIR SHRIMP? Tip they also have the best calenders!

              King Chef
              133-48 Whitestone Expy, Queens, NY 11354

              King Chef
              153-27 Cross Island Pkwy, Queens, NY 11357

              King's Chef
              43-11 28th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

              1. For Chinese take-out in Astoria (Szechuan/Hunan/Cantonese), Hunan @ 24-14
                34th Avenue 718-937-4958/8945 b/w Crescent & 24th Street. Good, inexpensive and they can cook any dish to your liking. I always ask for extra dried red peppers, chili oil and hot mustard. And the guys are nice too.

                24-14 34th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

                1. I prefer authentic regional Chinese cuisines, but sometimes get a jonesing for American-Chinese (especially after a night of drinking). I think the best bet for General Tso and his retinue in Astoria is Fatima's halal. It's always packed with a mostly Bangladeshi crowd. No pork in anything, but the other meats are all decent quality. There's no wondering if you're eating chicken or an alley cat. And it's very clean compared to other Chinese places in the neighborhood.

                  25-25 Broadway, Queens, NY 11106

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                    I agree with the person who said they like Peking House. Haven't tried King Yum. Worth trying?
                    Too bad there are no good sit down Chinese places in Whitestone/Bayside anymore. I haven't had the dinner at Northern Manor, just the dim sum.

                    King Yum
                    181-08 Union Tpke, Queens, NY 11366

                    Northern Manor
                    251-15 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY 11362

                    1. re: foodie1017

                      Are you looking for the old style American Chinese? 'cause there is a variety of terrific Chinese- Chinese places in Flushing (and some of them are arguably the best in class in the whole USA). IMHO, Northern Manor is not one of those.

                      1. re: diprey11

                        I know there are a few in Flushing but it would be nice to have some closer by..esp where you can park

                        1. re: foodie1017

                          You can surely find a parking along Kissena Blvd in Flushing.
                          Besides, the Little Pepper in College Point Bvld is all the rave nowadays: if you like it spicy it's one of the best Chinese restaurants on the whole Eastern US seaboard; parking is plentiful and the place has (finally) some ambiance.
                          I like Chinese food oh so much, yet I cannot think of anything in Whitestone (maybe it's just me


                          Little Pepper
                          18-24 College Point Blvd, Queens, NY 11356

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                            Can't remember the name but people like the place (Next to Ben's Deli) in the Bay Terrace shopping center. Friends of mine also go to the place in the Baybridge strip mall on the side of the Cross Island.. Help with names anyone?? Plenty of parking.

                            1. re: johnk

                              The place next to Ben's is or actually, was, Tofu. They are currently closed. Don't know why or if they're coming back.

                                1. re: mrsdebdav

                                  Thanks for the article. I knew they went out of business but didn't know the whole story. As for Baybridge, I tried that place. Its just ok.

                                  Baybridge Szechuan
                                  208-06 Cross Island Pkwy, Queens, NY 11360

                              1. re: johnk

                                I will be on my route over the weekend, and I would definitely check out to see what they are offering. Thanks for pointing it out to me, John.

                                1. re: diprey11

                                  Confirmed: they have not re-opened.