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Feb 25, 2009 07:53 PM

Best Chinese Food in Astoria, Bayside, Whitestone ?

Hey Chowhound Foodies. Where is the best Chinese food in Astoria ? A place where you can order some sweet and sour pork, some short ribs, some wonton soup and some shrimp fried rice.

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  1. Good luck. The dishes you mention all seem to be americanized chinese dishes, and they are usually much the same anywhere, give or take. IMO, pretty crappy unchallenging fare.

    But why settle for that when you are so near Flushing and can get the real thing? That is the gold mine of asian food for the east coast!

    1. for classic american chinese food served in THE classic american chinese setting, there's always King Yum in Fresh Meadows. Best egg roll I've ever eaten.

      1. There's no actually good Chinese food in Astoria.

        1. There are only a few spots outside Flushing I like although none in the 3 areas you mention. Northern Manor in Little Neck, East Ocean Palace in Forest Hills, and Ping's in Elmhurst (I assume it's still there- haven't been since 06). I live in Bayside, so occasionally I will get Northern Manor. In a pinch for slightly above take-out levels I'd say Tofu in Bayside (Bay Terrace shopping center).

          East Ocean Palace
          113-15 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11375

          83-02 Queens Blvd, Queens, NY 11373

          211-33 26th Ave, Queens, NY 11360

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            Pings is still there. Ate there fairly recently. Always hoppin'.

          2. I like Peking House on Union Turnpike in Fresh Meadows. Similar to King Yum as to the old school Americanized Chinese food. You know, the minute you sit down, crunchy noodles on the table with duck sauce and hot mustard.

            Peking House
            185-23 Union Tpke, Queens, NY 11366

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