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Feb 25, 2009 07:28 PM

New PC Tomato and Red Pepper Blue Menu Soup

Anyone else tried this yet?

I think it's great! Light and flavourful with a sweetness that cuts any acidity.
A must try!
I'd be happy to be served this in a restaurant.

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  1. I tried it and also the "orange" one. I usually like PC products but I did not like either of the soups.

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    1. re: szw

      are you refering to the soups in the tetra box? I didn't like any of those ones either, but this soup I'm talking about is a new one in a can..

      1. re: burlgurl

        I tried the one in a can. I liked it, although I found it much more tomato-y rather than roasted red pepper-y.

        1. re: burlgurl

          Yes sorry I thought you meant the tetra-boxes. It was also red pepper and tomato (or so I think...).