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best spicy dish dc/md/va

i have a really bad cold. i am stuffy to the point that i can't really breathe or hear and am totally burnt out on chicken soup (sorry mom!).

my only respite so far came tonight--the spicy pork at shanghai tea house in glover park. i need new and different (and delicious!) sinus-clearing remedies, so tell me: what's your favorite spicy dish around?

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  1. Cumin lamb, beef jerky, and the chicken pepper special at Hong Kong Palace (to name just a few dishes there).

    Quite a few things at Joe's (sorry - not wanting to conquer the menu this early in the morning once again).

    Wings with 3 mile island sauce at Bungalow Billiards.

    The spicy squid salad at Thai Square!!!

    A chorizo taco (or three) with added sauce at the counter at TECC.

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      hong kong palace, SO GOOD. we went tonight, had the chicken pepper special, the ma po tofu and the snow pea shoots. next time hope to try the cumin lamb and beef jerky. those crunchy peppers stuffed with sesame/peanut goodness are off the hook!

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        glad to know the chicken pepper special is back. those snow pea shoots are so wonderful. cumin lamb is good, too -- but not "hot".

        i bought some fresh to re-create the dish. they are a pain to clean, de-stem..... it is *well* worth the money to get them at hkp, imo.

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          are the tiger skin peppers the same thing as the "peanutty-flavor-stuffed-pepper" things with that special chicken dish?

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            No, the tiger skin peppers are nothing but a big pile of perfectly cooked, exceptionally hot, peppers. The skins are blistered to give them a stripey, tigerish look. Make sure you have a fresh bottle of ice cold beer at the ready!

      2. chili basil fried rice and red curry roast pork at Rabieng...shrimp with lemongrass and chilies at Huong Viet...drunken noodles anywhere...The Philly with lots and lots of extra hot peppers at the italian store...channa masala at delhi club (moderately spicy but sooo good)....dan dan noodles at HKP (also only moderately spicy)...mixed saltena from la caraquena doused with salsa verde....

        1. suicide curry at Spices.

          It's what my boyfriend's dreams are made of. I can tolerate it, but personally don't like the flavor as much as other stuff....but he loves it.

          and it's INCREDIBLY hot. The first time he had it, the waitress said, "first time? Good luck!"

          1. For something different than other suggestions so far, how about the Fire and Smoke pizza at Matchbox. Really spicy sauce and smoked gouda is a great combo.

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              Good idea - that pizza is wonderful.

              Also, at Indique Heights, the lamb vindaloo.

            2. The Floating Market Noodle Soup at Nava Thai in Wheaton will make you sweat so much you will actually lose weight eating this soup.

              1. Soon Dubu at Vit Goel (Lighthouse) in Annandale.

                Try it first thing in the morning when they open, and tell me you haven't had your sinuses opened.

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                  Seconded, but do they open first thing in the morning? I thought they only started around 11 or 12.

                2. The tiger skin peppers at Hong Kong Palace can blow your sinuses wide open, as can the capsicum chicken at China Star in Fairfax (assuming it's still on the menu). What else would you expect from a dish with a name like that!

                  Do you like Indian food? Everything at Rangoli in South Riding seems to be hot -- even the butter chicken, which results in an incredibly complex dish.

                  1. I'm with Bob on the tiger skin peppers at Hong Kong Palace! They can vary in spice-level, but for the most part, they will make you cry with spice-joy!

                    I'm a spice-addict and LOVE this topic! Here are a few more suggestions:

                    1) Fish and tofu hot pot at Hong Kong Palace (ask for it "ma la")
                    2) Tofu dish w/hot peppers at China Star
                    3) Pad Kee Mao and tofu w/basil at Thai Square - ask for it "Thai Spicy"!
                    4) Goat tacos or any papusa at El Charrito w/their homemade green sauce (the sauce is the key spicy ingredient here!)

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                      you wanna cry? get the thai square som tum "thai spicy"! ;-).

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                        Alkapal, I learned about som tum spice back in '94 on Ko Samui. I ordered the som tum late every morning with a peanut bbq chicken leg and the lady always asked "How many peppa?" while holding up a handful of the little, pardon the name, mouse shit peppers. (because they are the size and shape of rat stuff, I guess) Any way I started out with one then two, finally got it up to about 4 for the perfect amount of forehead sweat inducing heat. After a week of this, I asked her how many she put in her som tum, and she whipped up a batch to share with me, after crushing about 12 or 13 peppers in it. I took a bite and my tongue nearly blocked my air passages... She laughed and munched away, while I drank yoghurt milk after yoghurt milk... Picture of the fiery beast below.

                        1. re: Ziv

                          ziv, 12 peppa? hooo-weeee! ;-).

                          i just bought a few -- maybe 20 -- for *several* dishes......

                          btw, why the name thai "bird" chili?

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                            Oh the bird chilis. I put those in fish sauce at home to put over many thai dishes. No info on the name.

                    2. MaPo Tofu from China Star in Fairfax.

                      1. Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike in Arlington - Tom Yum Soup and Green Curry Chicken.

                        1. thanks for the great ideas! hoping to go to vit goel tomorrow....tried bangkok 54 tonight, where we often get delivery. we ate in for the first time and it was pretty disastrous. 40 minutes post appetizer, our entrees still hadnt come. we tried to ask about our food and the waitstaff and hostess totally ignored us. avoidance+denial=bad customer service! so we left :( tomorrow's another day!

                          1. the spicy beef at the yellow cart at 14th and L st.

                            1. thanks to everyone for the great tips!! here's my write-up of HKP:


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                                homesmax, your review was spot on. in fact, those dishes are our default dishes there. i crave those pea shoots, too!

                                1. re: alkapal

                                  thanks! cant take credit for the great recs though!