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Feb 25, 2009 06:58 PM

'Delicious' Restaurant - next to Tanchikee

Have not gone to this restaurant in ages. it used to be packed and served a great fish noodle soup, meat filled fishball and braised pork knuckle.

So I decided to stop in this week for dinner. Looks like owners have changed since service is much improved.

We had the steamed fish, stirfry fish noodle, meat filled fishball soup and the mixed fried appetizer platter. Overall, food was yummy and different than the usual Cantonese fare.

Has anyone gone recently? And what dishes would you recommend?

Any other restaurants in that plaza besides Tanchikee worth trying? I stopped by in twice in the last week and that plaza is surprisingly empty both on Sunday and Tuesday nights.

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  1. Is this the one that's at the very back corner of that strip mall (north of Tanchikee)? I forget the name now, but we went a few times to that one which is this dingy little place run by a husband and wife team. They had some decent fish noodles and wontons. I think we had sweet n sour whole fish there once (which was good), but I'll have to confirm w/ the wife on that one. It's been a while since we've been back, so I'm not surprised they may have changed ownership. We went once on a saturday night and the chef was so busy/slow that we didn't get a dish out until 45mins after we ordered (and there's not that many tables either).

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      No, this is the one right next to YogaTree. so it's the same strip mall but south of Tanchikee.

    2. Glad to hear their service have improved. My one and only dinner there, I was served by a middle aged woman with an atitude of a viper, Rude and blunt! Food was nothing to shout about either. Very bland! However, a while back, I noticed they have a 'free range' Hainan chicken rice special on every Tuesday. Decided to give it a try. Verdict: not too bad! Better taste and texture than some of the 'mushy' hormone chicken served elsewhere.

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          Yes, I am going back for lunch to try the Hainan chicken rice. They are also famous for their 'fish' noodle and sticky rice in banana leaf - the kind you have in May for the dragon boat festival.

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            Ya, I had been wondering why it'd been so bizarrely calm and peaceful there when I stopped by a few months back.

            This place used to be famous for a) the mashed fish chunks/fish noodles, chicken wing hot pot and braised pork thigh (knuckle?), b) being only open from 11am-1pm, c) the over-the-top surly service. It's just not the same without that caustic, zoo-ish environment :)