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Feb 25, 2009 06:16 PM

YEG-The Hat: Formerly known as The Silk Hat Dinner; have you been?

A friend of mine is going there tomorrow night and asked me if I had heard anything about it.

She thinks it might be a glorified burger bar like deLux.

Has anybody been?

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    There's a review from See. I've personally never been.

    1. I have been once, and will give it another try although I was underwhelmed by the food. Service was friendly, and the place looks good, I think. We were there on a Tuesday and the burgers were all discounted - apparently they do that every Tuesday. I thought the meat in the burgers was weirdly over-seasoned - it tasted of taco and meatloaf. I did not like that at all. And they were kind of dry. Portions were big and the burgers were well-dressed. I'd like to try again on not-a-Tuesday to see if perhaps they are better when they are less busy.

      1. I like it. The burgers are reasonable, although not as good as Hudson's (which I consider the best in the city). I have experienced the dry burger problem, but only once out of four burgers I've had there. The real draw is the variety of burger styles they serve, but if I'm craving a burger specifically I usually go elsewhere unless I'm already in the neighbourhood.

        What really makes them stand out though, in my opinion, is the wings. They are big and plump, and the citrus ginger flavour was tasty rather than a novelty. Maybe I don't get the full priced wings at other places often enough, but these things turned me off wing specials and onto going to The Hat just for wings and beer.

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          I've never been but friends have and I've heard good things from them.

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            Off topic from the OP, but have you tried the burgers at Tasty Toms? Wondering how those compare to burgers at Hudson's.

            And just to be on topic: I've been to the Hat once for lunch, had a pretty decent portabello mushroom burger.

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              I have not tried Tasty Tom's. I have been trying to eat fewer burgers sadly, but I will put it on my to-eat list and update when I have.

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                I used to swear by the burgers (well, pretty much anything, really) at Tom's - but the last couple of times that I was there, the burger was frozen patty, not the usual homemade. It was very disappointing. I have found that, in general, the quality has gone down at Tom's and he doesn't seem to be around much.
                Let me know if it has swung back around. I miss that place!

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                lol ... I had to hold myself from clicking the "Report" button. When I lived in Edmonton Hudsons burgers were the most unremarkable chain pub fare you were liable to find, basically Harvey's, cooked to death, with "themed" barbecue sauce. I thought ... "this guy's crazy."

                So just to be sure I downloaded their menu and it looks like they've completely changed things around (the patties were DEFINITELY frozen when I used to eat there ... and BUFFALO? YES PLEASE!) as well as expanding the menu with several options that look like they'd go down well after a couple of pints.

              3. Update: My friend said the burger patty was blah and the hat trick appetizer was unappealing and the chicken nachos were underwhelming.

                1. Went on a Thursday afternoon - pressed for time but needing food (and drink). Californian chicken burger was good, chicken moist, burger toppings made sense and were tasty. Was impressed with offering of both coleslaw and fries. Loved the pickle on the side too, but would have liked more than a 1/4 spear. My martini(s - oh, who am I kidding!) were delish - though a bit expensive at $8 each given that Lux was serving them at $2 a pop.

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                    I've also been and had a good experience. Thought the portions were very generous.

                    My only complaint is that charging over 7 bucks for a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale is crap. I tolerate it reluctantly since they are otherwise a great addition to the downtown and I'm willing to pay slightly more if it will encourage other places to follow suit and open up downtown as well.