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Feb 25, 2009 04:55 PM

Authentic tacos al pastor in NYC?

Ever since returning from mexico city I have been craving authentic tacos al pastor (spit roasted with pinapple). I know there are a few people that have already started questions on this topic but the answers seem to be circa 2004-2006 and I have a feeling that some of these places may not be around anymore. Can we please get an UPDATED version of the best place in NYC to get authentic tacos al pastor?!?

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  1. According to an acquaintance who is maitre 'd at an upscale Mexican restaurant in NYC (he is from Mexico City), this is one of the most authentic places in New York:

    Tulcingo del Valle
    665 10th Ave.
    NY, NY 10036 between 46th/47th

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      I was just at Tulcingo del Valle on Sunday and saw the rotating spit confirming authentic al pastor.

    2. i seem to remember pineapple on the al pastor taco at la esquina takeout. might want to call em up to double check before trekking over there though.

      1. Most of the places from 2006 seem to still have al pastor going as far as I can tell. Lately, I've been really liking the one at Restaurant Azteca in Sunnyside. The spicing is a little different than my usual fave, Taqueria Coatzingo in Jackson Heights, and I can't tell which I like better these days.

        1. Los Portales in Astoria (Broadway and Crecent) is the real deal, excellent al pastor on the spit and chicken tacos. The rest of the comida is average, personally I was disappointed by the beans (nothing on god's green earth better than frijoles made right) but man the tacos hit the spot, especially late night, they're open until 2 I think. Best part about this in the summer they open up the front and you can get a taco right on the street and they do this hot pot sort of thing with a giant pan filled with spicy bubbling liquid covering the meat and spring onions which they will throw on your plate as well. YUM! ALSO! If you're looking for good mexican, you have not lived until you've had a cemita from Ines Bakery in Brooklyn (36th and 4th Ave, right outside the DMNR 36th street train station). I usually get the bistec which comes on that grilled sorta crumbly cemita bread with grilled onion, melted buttery Oaxacan cheese, avocado slices and chipotle sauce, sometimes they'll put on a schmear of refritos (beans) depending on who is making the sandwich. The tortas are excellent too, sometimes the little hole in the wall Mexican places have odd smelling and tasting chicken, but the chicken at Ines is excellent. I've not had the tacos there (everytime I go I get overwhelmed by my desire to have a cemita) but if the rest of the food is anything to go by, worth a try! Also the pastries with guava and cheese are out of this world, do yourself a favor and get a wedge of it instead of the individual empanadas, more cheese and guava goodness! Oh and the coffee is outstanding too! Out where I live in Flatbush/Kensington area Cinco de Mayo is decent but unless you're in the neighborhood not worth a trek.

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            I second the recommendation for Los Portales. The place is great and they are very friendly there too. I enjoy getting the Mexican cokes there as well. 1/2 liter bottle and made with sugar (not corn syrup)...

            the marinated veal flank steak taco is excellent too.