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Feb 25, 2009 04:51 PM

Buffalo Mozzerella - Where to buy in Vancouver?

Seeking to find out if anyone has experience with buying buffalo mozzerella retail in the city? I've heard that les amis du fromage may have it, but does anyone know of any other places? Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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  1. i'm guessing bosa, especially kootenay location

    1. I know that there is a herd of water buffalo on Vancouver Island that they use for cheese production, because it was on the Canadian Food Show with Carlo Rota, but I can't remember the farm's name.

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        Les Amis definitely has it. The Vancouver Island water buffalo herd is at Fairburn Farm in the Cowichan Valley. Natural Pastures makes a mozzarella from it and it's quite good! Pricy, but good. Their website says the cheese has limited availability, so it might not be around all the time.

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          Ewww. is Carlo Rota still around??? Ewwww... ;-)

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            we're sold out of fairburns farm until next week at les amis. Still some italian buffalo mozza.

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              Careful he may be hiding in the bushes.

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                LOL...could not agree with you more, I used to watch the program in spite of Carlo....

                The only thing "smarmier" was when Umberto had that terrible program years ago....

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                Fairburn Farm, Mara Jernigan runs it and the Water Buffalo farm is right next door.

              3. Benton Bros in Kerrisdale at 2104 W. 41st - I've picked up Italian Buffalo Mozzarella there.

                1. the Natural Pastures buffalo mozzarella is pretty widely available in Vancouver. it's usually on hand at Les Amis, Market Meats, Dussa's in Granville Island and La Grotta, but i've also seen it many times at Capers, Safeway, Buy-Low, Choices, Urban Fare and Nesters. i would call first since it's so perishable and, in the case of the chains i mentioned, probably wouldn't be ordered at every location.

                  Les Amis and somethings Market Meats also bring in burrata (made with buffalo milk too). mmmm... burrata.

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                    Thanks everyone for your input! Great to have so many knowledgeable people to count on here.

                  2. I just bought some buffalo mozzarella at Whole Foods on West 8th this morning. They had both Natural Pastures and the italian kind. They also had a couple containers of burrata. I am so tempted, but $35 is a bit steep!