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Feb 25, 2009 04:34 PM

Cupcakes in Portland

A friend and I are doing a 'tasting date' around Portland. We're looking for the best cupcakes. We already know, and have been to Saint Cupcake and Cupcake Jones. We're looking for a few other suggestions. We would like to stay in the city of Portland, but are open to suggestions in the close surrounding area.

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  1. Consider ethnic bakeries, as colonialism has created some weird cupcake fusions. Specifically An Xuyen on SE Foster, Pambiche on NE Glisan and Meianna in the Fubonn complex.

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      I don't think I have ever seen any cupcakes at Pambiche.

    2. Try Two Tarts Bakery up on 23rd & Kearney. The woman from The Sugar Cube food cart joined up with them and they sell her cupcakes, though you might have to special order in advance...