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Feb 25, 2009 03:47 PM

Yachtsman Grill at Disney

We are heading to Disney World in May and are looking for a place for dinner. We are already booked at Citricos and Don Shulas, and we are booked at the California Grill, but the only reservation I could get at the California was at 5:45. I am looking for an alternative. We are staying at the Yacht Club and I was wondering about their restaurant. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Or, is Cailfornia Grill worth eating early for?

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  1. Well, you should see a beautiful sunset, and the food is good, but the real treat of California Grill is watching the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom (they pipe the music into the restaurant). CG has a new chef, Brian Piasecki, who was doing very nice things at Jiko before getting this gig, which is considered one of the plums among Disney chefs.
    I suppose it's possible you could stretch a 5:45 ressie to a 9 p.m.fireworks, but here's an alternative: You can have dinner, leave, maybe go downstairs to the Wave for a cocktail, then present your receipt to go back upstairs and watch the show from the outdoor balcony.

    Citricos and Shula's are good choices. The steaks at the Yachtsman will pale next to Shula's. If you want to consider another restaurant, try Flying Fish Cafe at BoardWalk.


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      Thanks so much! I will take your suggestion and go back up for the fireworks! We've eaten at Citricos and Shulas before and love them both. Thanks for the tip on Yachtsman.