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Feb 25, 2009 03:27 PM

Berlin: vegetarian?

Going to Berlin for a few days and am looking for vegetarian or otherwise relatively healthy restaurants. Which ones below are best? I'm also looking for suggestions for Italian restaurants. Thanks for any help!

La Mano Verde
Hans Wurst

Also plan to check out Monsieur Vuong and KaDeWe (sounds like a must-visit)

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  1. La Mano Verde has been getting really good reviews, so I would definitely check it out. Cookies is supposed to be pretty good as well. Not sure if raw fish fits your bill of vegetarian, but Mr. Hai Kabuki Sushi Bar on Olivaer Platz (Wilmersdorf) has some of the best sushi in town. Go for the lunch special noon - 4pm, evenings are expensive.

    My favorite Italian resto is Trattoria Paparazzi on Danziger/Husemannstr. (Prenzlauerberg), and I've been hearing about a new place on Skalitzer Str. called Noodles & Figli (Kreuzberg).

    Monsieur Vuong has good food, but it is consistently overrun by tourists and biznoids from the surrounding offices. Unless you can't get decent Vietnamese where you live, I'd skip that. Good Time on Hausvogteiplatz or Chauseestr. (two locations, both in Mitte) is a VERY good panasian place.

    KaDeWe is indeed a must. If you're in town on a Saturday, check out the market on Winterfeldtplatz -- excellent selection of all kinds of foods, too.

    Enjoy, it's a great city!

    1. I also like Restaurant Van Long near Friedrichstrasse for excellent Thai food. It's not exclusively vegetarian, but has many meatless offerings.

      1. I found most "ethnic" restaurants in Berlin to have at least two or three veggie options, so I never had a problem when going out for dinner. It's a very easy European city to visit for vegetarians.

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          Yes, that probably rings particularly true for Indian restos in Berlin. None of which are great, but decent, and all of them have a number of vegetarian choices.