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Hey everyone - I just tried to make a reservation at Majolica for next Wednesday and the hostess told us that their last day is Saturday! They still have some tables available for Friday if anyone wants to go before they close their doors. :(

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      It is confirmed today by Michael Klein, in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Cause was the economy.

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        such a shame! I love that restaurant - - best of luck to the Deery's. Hopefully they open another venue again soon!

    2. They were a BYOB, right? From someone who used to work in the restaurant industry, I can say this is hard in a bad economy where the money's in alcohol sales, not food sales. It also doesn't help that people are scaling way back.

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        yes, they were a BYOB... and also rarely open (i think only four days a week? does that sound about right?). it's a shame, i've always heard good things but never got to eat there. the one time i tried, they were closed and i ended up at the black lab next door.

      2. it was a great restaurant. IMHO when the good reviews poured in, prices raised much too high and they became less accomidating. that's at least why i personally stopped going.

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          We ate there a year or so ago and while the food was fine the proportions were ridiculously small. We never went back. If i'm spending $100-$120 for a meal, I don't expect buffet portions, but I do expect fair value for my money, particularly in this economy. Still, I wish them well--we desperately need more good independent restaurants in the northern suburbs.

        2. Majolica is NOT closing. They are moving and will annouce the new plans next week. This is confirmed by display in the window of the now closed location. No surprise. They really needed to retool their operation.

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            That's great news. That would have been a big loss.

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              Any idea where they are moving to? Will they still be in Phoenixville or somewhere completely different? Just wondering...and impatient, I know the signs say the "truth comes out 031409." I just hate waiting. :-)

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                This is what Michael Klein from the Inquirer said last week:

                Majolica closes
                Majolica in Phoenixville, part of the crop of stellar mom-and-pop restaurants that opened amid the mid-2000s BYOB boom, closed this weekend. "We love what we do," says Sarah Johnson, who ran the 45-seater with her husband, chef Andrew Deery. "Our needs have just changed," she says, citing their year-old daughter, Lila, and nodding toward the economy, which has shaken the BYOB business model. They're not discussing their next move.

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                  I read this. how does the bad economy "shaken the BYOB business model"? Seems to me, it would attract more business. Unless he means byo owners don't have deep pockets to keep up their business. It certainly takes more cash to run an operation with a bar.

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                    It's all about profit margins. A BYO's profit margins are really slim on just food, while a place with a liquor license has a much better profit margin on the alcohol.

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                      what I learned after 9/11 is that beer and liquor are recession proof. In fact as the stress rises so does the alcohol consumption (duh!), even if there is less money to go around. The restaurant I was working for at the time changed their business plan to focus more on the bar and away from sit down multi-course dinners

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                        You guys got it right....alcohol is recession-proof. Profit margins are incredibly small on food. One thing that a lot of people truly don't understand is just how little money most restaurants make. Most restaurants would be very lucky to make 10 bucks of real profit on a three course dinner.

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                        Many places in PA are BYOB because you need a liquor license to serve alcohol. The number of lcenses are finite (not a lot available), and they are way expensive. I get the feeling that the process of obtaining one may also have some polictical overtones. Although serving alcohol helps the bottom line, it's not always a good option, especially for a newer resto.

                2. Sounds like a re-boot, not a permanant closing to me:


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                      This is basically what Majolica was when it opened.

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                        After lurking for many months, finally decided to post!

                        It was indeed a re-launch. Andrew and Sarah decided to retool the menu; lower the prices and appeal to a broader client base. To kick off the launch, they held a cocktail hour on Sat. night for employees, friends, and some loyal customers - we were lucky enough to have been invitied. New artwork, a new paintjob, and the food was great - seared ahi tuna with wasabi sauce, salamis and sausages, pork loin with fennel and mustard sauce, pea/cucumber chilled soup, chicken liver stuffed puff-pastries, sweetbread lollypops, chicken legs smoked for 4-hrs, and chocolate truffles........

                        Overall the concept looks good, more bistro-type food, however they will still offer the farmhouse table for 8-course prix fix options. Made reservations for later this week - will let you know how it is!

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                          We spoke with a representative yesterday afternoon there during the Phoenixville pubcrawl. We are glad that they are relaunching, and plan to check it out. Here is their new menu as per their website :)

                      2. Just got back from dinner at Majolica. It was fantastic. Better than the last time I had dinner there before it closed. The $25 prix fixed is a great deal. It was a white corn soup with creole butter and popcorn. It was very good. Then half smoked chicken with broccoli rabe and parmesan gnocchi. Delicious. Dessert was a fennel pannacotta with strawberries and balsamic. It would have been excellent if the strawberries were sweeter. Maybe in a month. I had the soft shell crab app. with heirloom tomatoes. The tomatoes were so sweet considering it's so early in the season. However I only got half the crab. Dissapointing but delicious. For my entree, I had the lamb loin. It had athis crust of black trumpet mushrooms and rosemary. It was absolutely fabulous. I couldn't stop eating it. It was served with green garlic risotto and shitake mushrooms. The risotto was good. It was had a little too much green garlic, but it was still tasty. I have to say the amuse bouche and intermezzo were ridiculous!! Bouche was a slice of sea bass belly with toasted sesame seed and orange oil. Lovely! Light! I could've eaten a whole plate. The intermezzo stole the show. Cantaloupe sorbet with cinnamon oil and a piece of crispy proscuitto. Oh my goodness. The perfect balance of sweet, savory, and spice. Perfect. I will definitely go back and so should everyone else. It's a steal considering the price.

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                          I plan on calling to ask but thought I'd ask here as well...

                          We have tentative plans to go to Birchrunville Store Cafe for my husband's birthday - with our two small kids - but because his birthday is the day before July 4th Birchrunville might be closing early for the holiday. So we're on standby with a spot if they are open. So I need a second choice. Is the new Majolica better suited for (well-behaved/adventurous eating) children than the old set up?

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                            I love Majolica, but I do not think it is suited for small children. (Just my opinion). What about the outdoor deck at the Inn at Saint Peters? Closed right now, but will surely be reopening with nice weather - - plus it overlooks the rocks and water, and they sometimes have live entertainment out there.

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                              try 19 bella they have a great mac & cheese for children, plus a wonderful mediterranean tapas menu for the adults, and it is a byob

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                                My heart stopped when I saw this thread, but restarted when I saw it was being revived from 2009. My wife and I have been going at least monthly for many years and we have always loved the food. Funny, I don't remember ever seeing young children. But well-behaved children are seldom noticed, and they are welcome everywhere.

                                If, on the other hand, the parents let the kids treat the place like their family room, it can ruin the evening for everyone (so can drunk adults, BTW). I have never seen that at Majolica (the parents who let the kids get obnoxious, not the drunk adults, which I have seen). I hope it stays that way.