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Looking for something unique in N.O.

I am in Los Angeles and will be in New Orleans next month, I am looking for the 'off the beaten path' stuff. Something other than typical gumbo and crawfish...
Any suggestions??

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  1. Stella, Rio Mar and La Boca are some of my favorites.

      1. If you truly want off the beaten path I would say hop in a car, head to da parish and visit Rocky and Carlo's. It's worth it just for the experience.
        Boucherie, Stanley for lunch, R&O's in Bucktown for poboys and other good stuff, New Orleans Food & Spirits right next door to R&O's. Parkway Bakery for more poboys, Rivershack in Jefferson on River Road.

        1. NOLA is so much more than gumbo and crawfish, but we do love them both and enjoy their place in our cuisine.
          for something different, I'd check out Mosca's, Iris, Cafe Minh, RioMar, La Boca, Rambla, Jack Dempsey's, Patois, Stella.

          I'd still venture to some of the classics like Galatoire's and Commander's, as they have a lot to offer that you might not find elsewhere.

            1. I'd say that because of sites like chow, there is no longer an "off the beaten path" restaurant. If it's out there, it's on here.

              1. To get a better idea of what your looking for, what would you consider "off the beaten path" in Los Angeles?

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                  I suppose I am just looking for something a little different, for instance, I didn't know N.O. had such a large Vietnamese population. Is there anything else like that I may be able to discover?

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                    go to Kim Son on the Westback: salt baked crab and lobster!

                    there is also a large Hispanic community. you an drive down Williams Blvd and take your pick of restaurants, tacquerias, and stores that serve food.

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                      Definitely try some Vietnamese! My favorites are banh mi [Vietnamese po' boys] at Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery on Chef Menteur in New Orleans East and Pho Tau Bay on the Westbank. There are entire strings on here dedicated to the city's best Vietnamese restaurants, though, so you may want to check them out.