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Feb 25, 2009 03:08 PM

Dad's 80th birthday - for group of 30-40 people

Hi fellow chowhounds,
My dad is turning 80 in a few weeks, and our family would like to bring close friends and family together for either a Saturday night dinner or a Sunday brunch. I live in Toronto now and am not familiar with some of the current best spots in Montreal. Most of the people will be 50+ years, with a few of us in our 30s. We're looking for a place that has a separate room so we can make a few speeches. Our family is Jewish and I'm sure many of them won't be too excited about the newest food trend so don't worry about the place that serves the best pork belly in the city ;). But we all love food.
Hopefully this gives you a sense of what we're looking for. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Thanks so much.

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  1. My family had a similar sized birthday event at l'Orchidee de Chine on Peel st. It's a fancier Szechwan place. They had a separate area for a larger group and valet parking. The food isn't adventurous but it is good.

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      You can rent a room in Ferreira Cafe on Peel. Portugese food. I imagine that's safe for your crowd; the resto's more than a safe bet quality-wise.

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        I'll second the "more than a safe bet quality-wise". However, if there are a number of older people, I advise caution with the steep stairs leading to the washrooms, as well as the somewhat uneven floors down there.

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          +2 on both counts. Parking on Peel's a nightmare even for young 'uns.

          Mandy Lin, a good bet might be Mah Jong, the re-configured place at Ruby Foo's. They're used to big groups, the parking's good, and it's a Jewish community institution. Food's not exactly gourmet, but fresh and good, and they're pretty strong on desserts. Good luck!

    2. My wedding reception was held in the dining room at Auberge St-Gabriel and we were super impressed with the food (we had a cocktail-dinatoire, rather than sit-down meal, but they had assorted sit-down menus available too). It's a lovely separate space and on the ground floor (so no stairs).

      Hmm, just noticed that this thread is quite old, but had been bumped up. Obviously it's a bit late for the original poster, but maybe will help someone with similar requirements.

      Auberge St-Gabriel
      426 Rue Saint-Gabriel, Montreal, QC H2Y2Z9, CA

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        oops, how'd I miss the date on this thing? oh, well, great news about your successful wedding reception, eoj!